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Why is it okay for Phyllis to mess with Abby?

Yet Nick will only defend Victoria when someone messes with her?


I want Abby removed from plots with Phyllis. I like PHyllis but I don’t like to see Abby on my TV set when I’m watching Phyllis scenes. Chance can leave town and I would not miss him.


Nick thinks that Victoria is his REAL sister! Abbey and Adam don’t really belong as TRUE Newman’s to Nick, Victoria, Nikki or even Victor from time to time!


Nick did nothing when she spent a good year bullying his daughter. Abby is a twit and they all know it, plus she sure as hell isn’t innocent.


Yup! Abby doesn’t give loyalty to her family so why should she expect it in return?? I’m on Nick’s side.


I like Abby and absolutely HATE that she’s stuck in scenes w/the AARP bully! :unamused: I refuse to watch the Red despot, so I’m forced to ff thru them.

Pizz-poor-excuse-for-a-man, Nick, only cares about two things: 1) Feeding “Lil Nick” and 2) Feeding “Lil Nick” :smirk_cat: He has no loyalty to anything or anyone else. He’s totally unreliable in a crisis and many years of watching his behavior on Y&R has proven this. When’s his character gonna: 1) Mature or 2) Show some character growth? He behaves like an overaged frat boy.


Lol exactly. She treats her niece so badly.

Abby deserves everything that comes to her




What is with the ageism on this board? Yeesh!


I guess people like calling us old! LOL! I’m not a member of AARP but I do take my Sr. Citizen’s discounts when I can! :smile: MS is 54 so I guess that makes me ANCIENT! LOL!


The women on Y and R are all great and gorgeous no matter what age they are. Marla Adams who plays Dina is a timeless beauty.


well if 54 is considered old wow am I old at 73


I’m 12 years MS’ senior, but the actress isn’t the subject of the thread–the character, Phyllis, is. And Phyllis, the character, is not above being critiqued.

MY OPINION IS: Phyllis’ bullying of a woman young enough to be her grown daughter, borders on the sadistic. It is distasteful, NOT entertaining, nor is it “okay.” Seems the consensus is that because Abby’s not a fave, it’s okay to mistreat her :thinking: So what if she/Summer have their “beefs?” That’s a fairer clash because they’re closer in age. Both are grown, young adults.

As for Nick? :roll_eyes: IMO, if it doesn’t involve the SEX act, he’s utterly useless :nauseated_face:


It is outrageous how often this has been happening. You used to get bans for calling characters old. :frowning:


EVERYTHING you said!!! :+1:

Phyllis is a bully and her “sexy” crap is getting old real fast. The elevator scene with her and Nick was so juvenile. :nauseated_face: Even Summer is disgusted with the way in which her parents are acting.

Not to say that Nick does not deserve to have any life with Sharon being ill with cancer, however, he should be spending more time with Faith. Like ease up on the sexcapades! Almost every day they are screwing on a desk, couch, elevator or in bed at the Grand Phoenix. :woman_facepalming:

There could be an up side to that though for Abbey. Phyllis will be so busy getting it on with Nick that she will miss Abbey’s next few tricks. :crossed_fingers:


I like Abby. I hate that they are writing Abby this way She is smart and yet they are writing her in a way that plays into Phyllis hands


Everything is OK for Phyllis to do cheat, trying to kill someone you name it.

Abby deserves everything she is going to get… Go get her Phyllis.


I’m just callin’ 'em the way I see 'em. IMO, bullying is the behavior of the weak. IMO, people who “prey” on others to feel a faux “strength,” are despicable and nothing to be admired. If I wanted to watch someone up-in-age bullying on a daily basis, then I’d turn on the news–not Y&R :smirk:

Abby should: 1) Sell the new hotel property; 2) Call Phyllis’ loan and let the chips fall where they may; 3) Take her Carlton/Abbott/Newman gazillions–and Chance; 3) Go play and have some fun! Let Phyllis find someone else to annoy by being alive :roll_eyes:


Lol I’m confused.
Phyllis is a bully because she is going after someone younger than her?

Phyllis is going after a woman who mistreats her and her daughter every chance she gets.

Has nothing to do with age