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Why does Quinn put up with Eric?

All he does is defend Brooke!


quinn does it for prestige and money


Because she loves him. Other than his Logan bias he treats her pretty good.


$$$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$.

Quinn is for Quinn! Always has been!

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yeppers, i like quinn with eric, they are making it work so far, only if she keeps her nose out of other peoples business, the is one of the problem stephanie had with him


Oddly enough Eric feels that it is his place to stick his nose in his son’s business. Brooke took off her wedding rings and returned them to Ridge to indicate that if he did not turn on his son that they were done. Eric had no business making Ridge feel guilty about kissing Shauna when Brooke had kicked him out.

Eric was also wrong for allowing Brooke to come into Quinn’s home to attack her. Brooke is forgiven for attacking Shauna but when Brooke came after Quinn she is expected to turn the other cheek. If Eric was not going to defend his wife then he had no business sticking his nose into her business.


I agree totally. If someone came into my home and told my husband to put me out, I would have given her HELL; then pushed her out the door.


Why do I have to put up with Eric on my screen?

Quinn loves Eric and respects him. That is why she puts up with him. I think she can help him curb his little Logan addiction.