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Why does Chanel call Allie by her last name?

I don’t understand it


Each girl calls the other by her last name. I used to do that when I was young. I think it’s a cool girl thing. :grinning:


I know it hockey :ice_hockey: they do


This is highly unusual among straight women. These are definitely pet names for each other. Even if they don’t realize that yet. I have no doubt that Allie will cheat on Tripp with Chanel

I’m straight, my girlfriends were straight, yet I was often called by my last name while growing up. And even my male teachers usually called me by my last name. Have no idea why. Then when I became an adult, almost no one uses my last name, such as “Mrs. Lurker Girl,” only calls me by my first name. What’s up with that? Ha! My maiden name is French, my married name should be an easy German name.

That’s because it is more common for straight girls at a very young age. This just doesn’t happen with women Allie and Chanel’s age. They’re speaking a secret language and the writers know it.