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Why does Brooke act like she wants Eric more than Donna does?

She’s doing her damnest to get Eric to dump Quinn :joy:


Brooke is a horrible person. She slept with Eric while he was married to Stephanie and while sleeping with Eric’s son Ridge, became pregnant and did not know who was the father. She slept with Ridge’s 2 brothers (Eric’s sons) Thorne and Nick. Seriously, is their any Forrester make Brooke has not slept with other than her own children?

She slept with her sister’s husband Bill multiple times. She slept with her daughter’s husband Deacon and became pregnant while married to Eric.

Brooke has 5 children by 5 different men. Let’s not forget about Whip and Grant. If I were Brooke I would shut-up and pray everybody forgot about my past. I certainly would not be putting down anyone else for their sexual behavior when I am literally a “wide opened book” for so many men to dulve into.


All I have to say is that Brooke :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


Brooke does not need to shut up because Ridge and Eric have apparently forgot Brooke´s past even with Deacon standing right in front of them to remind Ridge.

Brooke just has never liked Quinn. Brooke does not want Eric for herself but she wants to make sure that either Donna or Katie are there to interfere in his marriage to Quinn.

I found it disgusting that Eric would let Donna know that he was not able to perform in the bedroom with his wife. If Eric decides that he is going to be with Donna I hope that his little excitement once again falls flat when he goes to perform.

I don´t care that Quinn cheated on Eric. Eric was the one that decided to stop the divorce. I don´t consider Quinn being with Carter cheating on Eric when he demanded that she do so. Quinn has done everything that Eric has asked of her. She once again gave up Carter for him.

If Eric cheats on Quinn this time I hope that Quinn will tell him that if he wants a quick divorce that he will need to part with 50% of his shares like he gave Donna in their divorce.


It’s Quinn that Brooke is obsessed with. She has to prove she can take her man away “just like that”…

Not to mention, she has a history of playing pimp…dressed Hope up in her own hooker attire and slid her under Liam for her first time… She’ll even provide a continental breakfast to clients in the morning…


Well……there was three, in every way very ugly people in the one room……disgusting….
How did Donna get a new desk…not enough room for Pam….

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Stargaze can I just say that your entire post is on the money. Not just the portion I copied here which really makes me annoyed with Eric but your entire post. Could not have said it better myself.


She did miss Thomas, though. That’s one Forrester who won’t sleep with her. Oh, hope I didn’t jinx by mentioning it.


Oh yeah lol. :joy:

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
what to say about Donna, Brooke and Eric behavior today???
what would Santa SAY??? HO<HO and HO!


Didn’t Brooke and Thomas accidentally “hook up” when they were shipwrecked on an island years ago and ate hallucinogenic berries by mistake?


No body really knows…I don’t think either of them remembers…

Brooke showed just how tactless and classless she is today. What woman, besides Brooke and maybe Donna, would ask a man about how his sex was with his wife the night before? Why would Eric even share that information with his daughter in law? I don’t even want to know what my in laws do in their bedroom, and they don’t expect me to share what we do in ours. That was so tasteless that I couldn’t believe Bell put that into the show. I guess he has to find some way to put Eric and Donna together. Eric dumped Quinn for interfering in Brookes marriage, but the Logan girls are constantly in his marriage and he is right back to allowing it. The promises he made to Quinn about protecting her was meaningless.


Brooke wants to get her revenge on Quinn, because Brooke saw Ridge kiss Quinn on the beach years ago. She feels threatened by Quinn, it was obvious that day to Brooke, that Ridge had feelings for Quinn. At lease that why I think Brooke dislikes Quinn. Brooke sees this as her chance to get Quinn out of Eric’s life. She will keep pushing Donna into Eric’s arms, even though Donna, was backing away from Eric. Brooke wants to cause Quinn Pain.

That’s a great idea for Quinn to take from Eric 50% of his shares if they get a divorce, if Eric cheats with Donna. I always wanted Quinn to somehow get some of Forester Creations shares. We can only hope Stargaze. :upside_down_face:

It was a good romantic kiss that Quinn and Ridge shared. Hope Bell makes Quinn and Ridge a couple one day soon.


I haven’t been watching long enough to answer that.

Their feud goes way back to when Quinn first came to town and it involved Deacon at the time. Brooke has always been jealous of Quinn.


For the simple reason that Brooke had Eric first, and once Brooke claims her man, whether they get divorced or whatever in the future, in Brooke’s mind that man belongs to her forever.


Yes that too, Brooke jealous of Quinn with Deacon, your so right!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Didn’t Brooke also have sex with Oliver at Hope’s graduation party standing against the wall? He was Hope’s first boyfriend. They were all in masks. Oliver thought it was Hope and Brooke pretended she thought it was Ridge. I think Oliver had on a mask or outfit similar to Ridge’s. If I can remember, it was going to be Hope and Oliver’s first time.

I always thought that it was a ridiculous sl because Brooke has had sex with Ridge for years so for her to think Oliver was Ridge was hard to believe. Then Oliver mistaking Brooke for Hope was also dumb. What kind of a man thinks that his virgin gf wants her first time to be against a wall at a party when anyone could just wander by? Oliver must have been thinking that Hope was taking after his mother. Did the two of them not talk to one another before commencing to have sex. Masks may cover faces but they both should have been able to recognize the voice of the person they loved.

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