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Why can’t Adam and Sharon have scenes?

Since I’m home 4 COVID19 I’ve been watching the show daily.
Why can’t Adam ever see sharon?

Summer, Tessa, Lola know but not Adam
I guess the Chadam fans will say Adam never had scenes when JH was in the role.
Well, that’s what’s up again with this version.

Where is Connor? Why is Chlesea always saying Yes to Adam?
It’s funny bc Adam goes in to CL but never sees Sharon
He is at the ranch but doesn’t see sharon

Sure Chadam is the couple now but they are in a bubble with no outside drama

I thought we were beyond agenda shipping when Mrs McDaniel left now we still have Rey with Sharon so Adam can be with Chelsea

I thought Lynn mArtin was writing this story for Sharon yet it’s all about Rey.

I’m over the no Shadam scenes and it’s obvious what the deal is


I think it’s lazy writing. But to play devil’s advocate, maybe because Sharon was such a big part of Chadam’s original story that now the writers don’t want to do that again.

Adam is too busy with his own life to be involved in Sharon’s life IMO. I don’t expect Adam to be in this story, Nick is barely a part of it and really why should her exes be involved. Sharon has enough of a support system she doesn’t need stress involving her exes trying to be there for her.


I don’t see that at all. We’ve seen Rey impacted by Sharon’s situation but the story is definitely focused on Sharon and how this impacts her. We’ve seen her interact with several others and have many different feelings ranging from courage, doubt, fear and stress as well as many more. I don’t see the focus of this story being all about Rey at all.

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Cant have adam involved
I can hear rey nick mariah hes only using u sharon hes going to use u to hurt us u can trust him
Its funny since adam lost his mother to cancer
U would think with sharons fear of dying and leaving faith
She would call adam and talk to him about her fears act him how he felt how he handled it what it did to him seeing his mother on her death bed
How should she best prepare faith
But we got nothing

Adam need not be in this story Rey yes Nick yes he is her ex he is also Faith’s father so this effects him deeply


I agree, it would be nice for Sharon to tell Adam and to see his reaction but I think they aren’t on each others minds right now. Seems realistic enough to me. It seemed a little weird they hadn’t crossed paths at the coffee shop before but now she’s mostly at home.

True but I’m actually glad Nick isn’t involved more than he is. He can be there for Faith as much as she needs him to be but I don’t think Nick should be calling, texting or showing up at Sharon’s place. JMO


Yes I don’t expect it either


I think because over the years Sharon and Nick aren’t just co parents aren’t just ex es but became very good friends Sharon and Nick have always said they could talk to each other …perhaps she needs him perhaps there are things she would say to him she just wont share with Rey not yet anyway

that’s my perspective on how they are


That’s true, I didn’t even think that there could be things she might want to say to Nick but not Rey.

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Since Sharon and Nick know each other 25 years. Yes to me there are things they feel comfortable saying to each other. Sharon and Rey not together that long.
Some things you keep to yourself in newer relationship

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Sharon still isn’t telling anyone is she? At least not to everyone, just a select few friends. I’m sure it’ll get out and about in GC if Sharon tells those that know, that it’s ok to share like she’s been doing.

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Makes perfect sense NJ and I agree.

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I think it wouldn’t hurt to have Adam know because Sharon and Adam are/were friends. If Phyllis knows then why can’t Adam? Also, this may give Adam a wake up call because his mother died from cancer and this may help him to not be so angry and vengeful. He and Sharon can have a friendship without anything more. I think in a situation like Sharon’s, a person needs all the support they can get.

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