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Who is Nell's mother?

I don’t think she’s ever been mentioned, but who is she? Is this another unnamed mysterious woman just like with Elizabeth? We still don’t know who her mother is either.

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Good question :thinking:

nelle never talked about a mother if i recall correct

Look at the thread posted today entitled, “GH recap!” It has an interesting detail.


We don’t know at all sorry she might have died in childbirth

She probably had a heart attack when she realized she had given birth to the Antichrist.


Ok, so I read the recap - didn’t really find anything in there that wasn’t shown on the show. So what is this “interesting detail”?

Me, too! Did I miss something?

I’m guessing the OP was referring to the last line where it says ‘the original other half of Nina’s necklace’ but in reality that is still TBD on the show and is just supposition by the poster of the recap without in show confirmation.

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Now I am even more confused about Nell. Nell and Carly have the same father, Frank Benson. Frank was Carly’s adoptive father. Did Carly’s adoptive parents adopt Nell as well? If so, Carly’s history has been rewritten because from back in the day, Carly never mentioned having a sister.Even when Carly’s adoptive mom showed up on the scene in the 90’s, there was no mention of a sister. Carly was so fixated on Jason, that she told/tells him everything and I don’t recall her telling Jason about her having a sister.

Nell needs to be gone! Don’t complicate Nina’s life any further by making Nelle her long lost daughter. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Frank Benson adopted Carly with his then wife who we saw in the flashbacks. Then it seems he fathered Nelle with some unknown woman…which is why I started this Post…I want to know who is her bio-mom? It doesn’t make sense to me that Frank Benson would be Nelle’s Bio-dad, I’m thinking Nina’s mother may have paid him big $$$ to adopt Nelle…just a guess.

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Thanks for the info.

These GH stories are chain g by the minute. Sometimes, it seems as though the writers are grasping at straws!

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