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Who else saw sparks fly?

Did anyone else notice the sparks flying between Nicole and EJ? They were sparks of anger but I thought they had some nice chemistry going there. Ari and Dan really brought it! It was snarky and heated and a lot of fun to watch. What did you think?


Yes, I agree. Although I’ve been thinking of Nicole and Rafe pairing up, there does seem to be chemistry between Nicole and EJ underneath the surface anger.

Nicole has been married or connected to so many different characters that it seems like this is just another round on the merry-go-round. Yikes! Who’s next?

Hopefully Rafe! I am on board with a Rafe/Nicole pairing. Like I said, the sparks were there but they were angry sparks. I definitely want Rafe and Nicole as a couple but EJ makes a great advisory. I am loving the return of my snarky Nicole!

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Nicole and EJ have a past, which wasn’t really addressed in their interaction. She definitely had chemistry with old EJ. The actress who plays Nicole could have chemistry with a tree. She’s awesome.


Nicole needs to start being a better mother and stop giving it up to any man in Salem.

:joy: :joy: :joy:… this is a soap, where the children go upstairs for a few minutes and come down teenagers. No one is a good mother on a soap! :joy: :joy: :joy: Sami shipped her kids to boarding school, Nicole has Holly who we never see, Gabi has a daughter who lives in another state with her dads, Kristen and Brady have a daughter we never see either. No one even mentions Brady’s son with Teresa, when was the last time you saw Chloe’s son Parker? So let’s not pull the mother card here.


I saw those sparks. They (actors) seemed very comfortable together. I still see some stiffness with EJ and Sami. But Nicole and EJ just seemed natural.

nuEJ is still new, so I’ll give him time to settle into the role.

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Nicole should NEVER get a pass for stealing Sami’s kid. Nothing Sami does or has done is that wicked.

Oh but EJ gets a pass for forcing Sami to have sex with him while Lucas laid under a beam, stealing that same kid and telling Sami that the baby died? EJ has done much worse to Sami than Nicole ever did.

lol think again…Sami tried to sell Belle on the black market when she was a baby. Sami taunted Lucas when he came out of his coma and couldn’t talk. Sami lied depriving Lucas from being a father to son, Will for a long time. She gave Victor Kiriakis a stroke. She’s a miserable wretched biotch! Sami has done much worse than Nicole ever has.

I didn’t see any sparks with EJ/Nicole, but I definitely saw some between EJ/Belle.

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Yeah, I saw some of that too and it worries me as a Shawn/Belle fan. I really don’t want him to break up one of my favorite couples. They just got remarried and had to deal with Jan Spears.

I said that also. I don’t think it was intentional it was just natural.