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Who Didn’t See That Coming?!

If you haven’t watched Thursday’s show, STOP HERE.

How many of you were really surprised to find out Taggert was in that Darth Vader costume? At first, I thought he was staring at Joss. Then I realized it was Trina. I was waiting for him to say: “I’m your father, Luke…er, I mean Trina.” Kudos, writers.


I knew it was a Taggert from the get! Taggert needs to sit his arse down!! He’s going to blow his cover. GH needs to hurry up and resolve that issue.


Yeah, I knew it was Taggert, but my question is what is he doing? What are he and Jordan actively doing to turn the tables on Cyrus? How long are they going to let Cyrus infiltrate PC?

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Taggart’s move was an act of stupidity! He doesn’t have to play dead! He could actually be with his daughter and ease her grief. His faked death serves no purpose.


Nope not at all sorry that was too smart for him to do

Maybe they will reveal how Jordan was actually guilty when she and her buds sent Cyrus to prison. She gets fired and Taggert becomes chief of police. How his death was faked God only knows. Maybe the same person who confirmed Nelle’s death confirmed his.

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