Where Does B&B Go Next?

Don’t think it would matter if Brooke realised she didn’t need ridgiepoo or not…she would take him just for spite, just so Taylor or any other woman couldn’t have him…she is so selfish, she would ruin not only her own life but ridgiepoo as well.


I agree which is why I see absolutely no drama in changing Hayes’ paternity. The last thing I want on my screen is more Lope. I prefer they change Finn’s paternity.

@mistweety25 I agree Lope have no chemistry. Backburn Lope. Don’t give Lope Sinn’s child, please no.

Let Steffy Finn Thomas Wyatt Quinn Carter Taylor Bill take the lead for awhile. Bring on a new love interest for Thomas, I’m fine with Petra. Give her a family. I’ve had enough of the Buckinghams to last me a lifetime.


If Finn is still Finn, the only thing I want is Sinn happy with their child, and Kelly. If for some reason they change Finn into a bad guy, I would want Hayes to be Limu so I can see the Brooke and Hope, lose their mind, because Limu having a son, would be a game changer for him. I just hope Sinn is the long game, period.