Where Does B&B Go Next?

It feels like this show needs a new jolt. They brought back Sheila wrong as she could have been a less crazy, but heavily manipulative power broker in the fashion world. Example - Phyllis, Michael, Adam, Diane - from Y&R.

Then, Taylor-Ridge-Brooke-Deacon = Fast-Forward Material. I would prefer to see the lady in green from Y&R walk across the set.

We have storylines we don’t care about - Carter-Quinn-Paris-Grace-Zende

The show is overflowing with hot, under-used men - Bill, Thomas, Zende.

Talented performers are not used at all or to recap storylines - Katie, Wyatt.

Whoever dresses Hope must really, really dislike the character or the actress. The Pharrell hat was too much. Why didn’t she take it off when they had a serious conversation about marriage fidelity?

This show needs some serious repairs to right itself.


Well, there is no redeeming Sheila at this point. The whole town hates her. She may be cleared of Finn’s murder, but she still assaulted two people with a weapon, and ran another person off the road. The next time they get her, they need to make sure she is chained down.

I think it would be fun if Deacon somehow came in to some money - maybe he inherits Il Gardino’s! Anyway, he has money and buys a mansion in the same neighborhood as Brooke.

When the dust settles, I’d like to see Eric & Donna and Carter & Quinn together. I sincerely hope that they remove Paris and her mom from the canvas.


It’s not Sheila fault how they wrote her but she’s doing a good job of playing the role.

They are wasting good actors like Thomas, Bill, Wyatt, Katie, and etc. I’ll take them any day than to see Donna. She can’t act no where near like they can.

Another mistake they made was with the Carter and Paris storyline. There was nothing wrong with Zende and Paris but out of nowhere they started this crap with her and Carter. All I want is going through all this junk Quinn and Carter better end up together.

Eric and Donna can disappear for all I care. Those two together don’t interest me at all.


Agree there is a lot of wasted potential even taking consideration that Bold is only a 30 minute show.


I say Li is alive and will return with revenge. All hell will break loose. Li wins and helps Finn get back to Steffy.


Paris having anything to do with Zende was just because she knew that her sister was interested in Zende. Paris has never really been that into Zende. When Zende asked her to move in with him she opted to stay with Finn and Steffy instead of giving the newly wed their own space. Paris was more into Finn that she was into Zende. I was a bit surprized to see Paris turn down a chance to be with Thomas but then again Thomas really did do something horrible to Zoe by thinking that Hope had come around and was going to marry him thus leaving Zoe at the alter.


To me, the biggest problem is characterization. There are just too many underdeveloped characters on the show. And the old characters who used to have many layers have lost a lot of them and been simplified to the point that they are just shadows of their former selves.


What’s next for B&B? Well, there is a promo out for the show that references the on-going battle between Sheila and Steffy. After that, the promo announces that there is something that neither Sheila nor Steffy knows that will “blow their worlds apart.”

My guess is that the focus will return to Sheila and Sinn…and likely Hayes and his paternity. Lope will likely be pulled back into that storyline as they work through this challenge relating to Liam’s “new” son. Sinn will also deal with that challenge. Or, Sheila will somehow find out…and not let the truth be known in order to maintain what she sees as her “blood” tie to the Forrester family she has been so obsessed with all these years.

Or, as yet another option, maybe Bell brings something entirely new out of Finn’s past to sever or at least threaten Sheila’s Forrester connection.

As for the rest of it… I am rooting for Quarter against all odds. I couldn’t care less about Donna and Honey Bear. Maybe they hook up and travel…off screen. Eric and Quinn should part as friends. Quinn should not waste her time or talents on either icky Donna or silly Paris. Let Paris be nuts this time around, as IMO she’s entirely suited to the role and appears to be looking for a daddy figure.

I am OK with the show right now. I enjoy watching Tridge deal with family issues and they have wonderful chemistry. I scan all things Brooke and Bridge. Just not that interested anymore. I even give Grace some credit these days, as it seems she is on guard because of her own marital relationship with that con artist Reece Buckingham. And, let’s face it, Grace is as right as rain about Carter and his motives. She is going about this in entirely the wrong way, but she simply wants way better for her daughter. I can’t hold that against Grace.


I do NOT want to see any story about Hayes’ paternity, been done already, let well enough alone.


Well, if this is the route they go, I’m sorry we will lose you… but I will definitely be watching. The more angst Sinn has, the more legitimate they become as a supercouple. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s just the way it is in soaps.

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I for one would be ok if Hayes turned out to be Liam’s. Can you imagine? Hope and Brookes tantrums would be so fun to watch. I’m for anything that makes them go down and lose. Lol :joy:


It’s a 25 minute show BUT with CBS coming attractions and commercials, the show
is maybe 15 minutes!! same with Young & Restless - The show is supposed to be an
hour BUT again CBS pushes their shows and commercials = maybe the show is
40 minutes!!

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I agree and even more hope that Paris is not the rumored new love interest for Thomas. Please just let Thomas and Zende both get interested in some of the Forester models.


I completely agree with you. I always thought Hayes was Liam’s son instead of Finn. It will bring some good drama especially with Brooke and Hope. Just as long as they keep Finn and Steffy together I’m cool with it.

I’m just waiting for Carter and Quinn to be together. I hope Paris goes about her business and leave them alone. If they say she’s pregnant I hope it’s a lie and she gets busted. Donna and Eric don’t give a damn what happens to them. Just hope they end up miserable instead of happy together.

I’m enjoying the show right now. Especially with Ridge and Brooke not together, is a breathe of fresh air. I wish they would hurry up and end them. I woild like to see Brooke without Ridge and what she does with herself. I would like to see another side of her.


I totally disagree. I would hate for Hayes to be Liam’s son. I can’t think of anything on this soap I would loathe more than to find out Hayes is Liam’s son. Why should that waffling no good cheating piece of crap father all the kids?

I see no drama in Liam having yet another child and Hope going into her woe is me, my husband fathered another child with Steffy mode. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Sinn doesn’t need any more angst right now. They need some good news. Some happy times, some celebrations.

I prefer to find out that Sheila is not Finn’s bio mom. Now that would be something to celebrate.

But that’s just my opinion. I’d imagine there’s a lot of viewers that want Liam to have Finn’s son. Maybe Lope will move out of the tool shed so they have room for all their children. Boy wouldn’t that be exciting. Not!


I think Eric and Quinn will break up… maybe Quinn goes over the edge. Though they’d need to establish a good reason why totally not because I wanna see some evil!Quinn

I’m sick of the Liam-Hope-Steffy triangle, it’s overdone. The writers could’ve a LOT more with only the black characters on the show lmao

Li might come back and get revenge on Sheila which I’m burning to see. Enough with the Brooke-Taylor-Ridge triangle too, have the writers forgotten all the stuff Brooke did in the past?? Neither of them deserves Ridge, they deserve to be single and happy.

I do not care about Eric and Donna. Eric is so weird for going after someone who’s young enough to be his daughter. Nasty old man. Now if the late great Stephanie were here… things would be veryyyy different!

I… kinda miss Thomas. Where did Wyatt, Katie, Bill, and even Shauna go?

I’m just getting into B&B by watching recent episodes and there are… a lot of flaws. Like. A lot.


I’m with you. Bring on the drama… and keep my Sinn together and working through it. If they can do this, I am fine with it.

I would also like to see what Brooke would do with herself if she weren’t whining in behind Ridge all the time. Maybe they could find something way more interesting to do with the character Brooke. And, frankly, Ridge is way more appealing a a man dealing with his own family for a change.

I am glad I am not the only one enjoying the show right now. It has also been really nice watching something other than Sheila for the last few episodes.


I am sure Sinn will be happy for a while… well, as happy as they can be with Sheila in the picture (which is not long). As for Liam and Hope… who cares? Not me. I don’t care about Hope’s potential moping. Besides, all she cares about is keeping Liam. If they go this route, Hope will be fine in no time. After all, it’s not like Steffy and Liam would be reuniting. Steffy is in love with her hubby Finn.

I hear what you saying but the problem is Liam don’t have chemistry with Hope and they’re boring as hell together. Now Steffy and Liam have great chemistry together which also she have it with Finn. Hope knows her husband loves Steffy and would love to see it eat her up that they have 2 kids together instead of one.

If they keep Liam and Hope off screen for a while it wouldn’t bother me because all I do is fast forward their scenes any ways. Just too boring to watch. Why did they do this to Liam?


I love Sheila but it is good to see other interesting storyline instead of just hers. The problem with Bell jr is he will be on track then out of nowhere he will go left field with the story.

I’m tired of Brooke whining over Ridge. I hope this time apart makes her a stronger woman and realize she don’t need him and that they’re not meant to be. Would like to see her do something else instead of worry about having the last name Forrester.

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