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When did Alexis become so week?

Of course she was and will be a strong woman again and
I know alcoholism is a sickness but exactly when did she get it. The woman was I. For years drinking and having babies with different men and never had a drinking problem.

Then the incident with Julian and she is an alcoholic. Then her hook up dies in her bed and his brother was mean to her and she is back drinking again after all these years being sober.

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She became mentally challenged…when her ideal soulmate threatened her life. In her World…Alexis is Lawyerly Smart…and Level-headed…but in Love…(in her mind) She believes that She is cursed…just like her Father and all the other Cassadines. In short, she has alot of Self-pitying parties because She doesn’t know how to not let her family history intercept with her current life with whomever she is with…


Ooh that’s deep are you a therapist?

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Nuh…but I have always been fascinated with the human mind/brain (along with how it can be confused) and…I have always had great Teachers in the course of my Short lifetime…on this Earth…

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For the 8 years watching this show, that’s how I’ve always seen Alexis. She’s a scattered hot mess. But I’ll admit. Drunk Alexis is fun to watch!

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In another post I gave what I consider to be an assessment of Alexis’ behavior but you put me to shame. I didn’t even consider the cursed angle. I do believe that subconsciously she believes she deserves her current state, perhaps because of the alleged curse but also because she has suffered so much in the last few years. In a way drinking is her “reward” for her bad behavior and that is why she’s enjoying it so much.

If I ever need psychological help I’m gonna post you. :laughing:

:palm_tree::leaves:I don’t know if she looks at the drinking as her reward…:palm_tree::leaves:…More like She is genuinely puzzled by all the bad luck in her “love” life and seems at loss over how to proceed to get it back together…:yellow_heart::clinking_glasses:

Thanks for your kind words…but I don’t always have the right answers. Human Brain is such a complex organ and analysing it could take months on end…

Wasnot she drinking from the days of running down keifer ?

I think perhaps I used the word reward for lack of anything better. One has to admit that there is something exhilaratingly liberating about not being socially constrained by sobriety. This may be a bad analogy but you know when you go something so traumatic or disturbing and then, after thanking God you made it through, grab a container of ice cream and indulge. You know it is wrong and it can be bad for your health and wellbeing but you feel you deserve to have it. Alexis is most definitely confused and lost and her way of making sense of it all is to completely free herself of what is expected by her friends and family. She’s enjoying every drop of that alcohol and she’s going to say and do as much as she can even though she knows it is wrong and injurious to her health & sanity.

:ice_cream::ice_cream::champagne::wine_glass::champagne::wine_glass:Got It…:cocktail::tropical_drink::ice_cream::shaved_ice::shaved_ice::ice_cream::wine_glass::wine_glass:

Alexis has always struggled with fear, anxiety and intimacy! All the way back to 1998 when she would panic and breathe into a paper bag! I mean she ran away from her wedding to Ned! Drinking isn’t about strength or weakness it’s about numbing the pain and control(which she doesn’t have) Based off her childhood she’s always been a scared little girl inside and until she truly faces her past and puts her past behind her she’ll never be healed!

Maybe because this might be with her illness such as her stuff with her bones

Alexis is an excellent lawyer and exudes confidence professionally, but she has always been emotionally fragile and haunted by her Cassidine past. I think she deliberately chose her profession to convince herself that she’s better than her immoral Cassidine relatives. Her success as a lawyer has consciously or subconsciously served as a buffer for her relationship issues, which stem from her parents’ adulterous relationship and witnessing the gruesome murder of her mother at the hands of her father’s malevolent wife. She no longer has that buffer with the loss of her license to practice law. So now she’s on another downward spiral. I loved when she discovered her more free-spirited sister Kristina, who was helping to loosen up Alexis. Had Kristina lived, Alexis might be a bit more emotionally balanced today. She is my favorite female character on this show – brilliant, beautiful, fragile, uptight, basically good, professional (when she can practice law), sympathetic, a caring mother and aunt, and a loyal friend. So complex.

Good Assessment…:champagne::cocktail:

I was very upset that they are going down the drunk Alexis road again. I can understand the motives behind it but I was really hoping they wouldn’t take it there again. Alexis needs a new storyline that involves a mystery or some new career path. She needs something to get her groove back. The writers have wrote her into a corner and now they are trying to find some way to make some story for her. I just wish they didn’t fall back into the easy way to add drama. Come on writers, use some imagination and start a new mystery that Alexis and (hopefully Julian) has to solve.


The GH Writers always prefer an Easy Way out. Creativity requires much thinking and that’s not their prerogative…:upside_down_face::upside_down_face:This doesn’t do easy :brain:if not used properly :brain:…There’s got to be Smart work…

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I am disappointed that they’re going down this road again with Alexis as well. Osteoporosis and backsliding into drinking seem to be pretty uninspired storylines for this character by the writers.

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It is disappointing for sure…but at least she has got a Storyline…unlike Monica who is always just popping out every now and then…

Yeah. They treat Monica like she’s a jack-in-the-box.

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