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What storylines do you want to see?

I only see what storylines you are not enjoying but am curious about what you’d prefer to see. I want to touch base on this in my columns with the hopes that the powers that be hear your voice!

Where Hope & Rafe end PERMANENTLY and they either write/show a compelling sl showing Ben was set up to murder all those innocent people (the redemption of a serial killer is just too ridiculous & outlandish to enjoy - even for a soap) OR just keep him dark! Mental illness with some therapy - drug dependant to function & not kill again - is just too sick for a sympathized, heroic, romantic lead! These are two things that would bring me back to the viewing audience and, IMO, Bope’s legacy (Ciara) deserves a better-suited partner (hot or not) & more indepth story material for herself

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Well, let me see. I am loving the Stevano and Princess Gina s/l right now. Loving watching them being closed in on. I am also loving the prisoners, Ben and Will. I enjoy the couple’s involved in the baby s/l. I also enjoy watching everyone working hard to bring Gabi down.


I want to see the horrible writing for Gabi come to an end. Bring in Li Shin and put he and Gabi together. Send boring Lani anywhere but Salem and get Eli back in the police station. Hope can stay in Prague, even after she gets her memory back. Steve needs his memory back but I don’t want to hear “Sweetness” come out of his mouth ever again. If Steve and Kayla are endgame then bring a woman worthy of Justin into his life and utilize him more. Backburner Ben and Ciara. Give Sonny a brain in his upper head. Let Will be on his own for a while. Last but not least, don’t ruin Xander to prop Brady and the devils spawn Kristen. Love Xander, don’t ever lose him!

Keep em coming!!

Right now, I enjoy Lani and Kristen’s friendship. I hope they don’t get away from and it stay true to form. Hoping now, that Steve and Kayla are sharing airtime that we get an eventual reunion. These two actors have so much chemistry they can make a bad story arc watchable. Plus, they bring true soap opera drama: angst, passion, love, humor better than any veteran couple currently (no disrespect to Jarlena or JnJ-who I love).
Would like to see maybe Justin and Hope be given a shot down the road. If Adrienne isn’t coming back, they would look good together and maybe he could bring a little lightness to her.
Also, would like to see Kate get whats coming to her regarding Gina/Stefano. Need Kayla to go a mad and have serious soap cat fight.

I agree with most of your inputs, but I want Steve and Kayla to reunite. Justin maybe good with Hope or someone new. I don’t think he needs more airtime–he hasn’t been a lead actor on either soap for over 30+ years for a reason. Wally did good with Adrienne’s death, but his acting is spotty at best. Gabi along with half of these characters need better actors. That’s the biggest change that needs to be made-new writers.

I like all stories except for Evan/ Sonny. I want Evan to be the Jordan’s killer. I want Stefano remain Stefano even after the reveal. Gina cannot be Gina after the reveal as she threw Jennifer from the balcony. Shawn needs to be the commissioner. The paring is fine for me. Nicole/Eric, Kristen/Brady, Sara/Xander, but Lani should be with Eli. Gabi needs a new man who would have a positive effect on her so that she stops being malicious. But not before its found out about her control of jullie’s heart.

That makes me gag every time he utters that word!!!

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Please no more baby swapping. Can’t wait to see Eli and Lani back together. Really hope the truth of what Gabi has been doing comes out at the wedding. This will be a great closing. Julie will kill Gabi with her words.


It’s the kiss of death to be paired with Hope…just ask Bo, so a big NO to Justin/Hope! Justin (Wally Kurth) is my favorite so I have to disagree about his acting being spotty. :grinning:


I am not enjoying Chad and Abby and wish that they could return to Paris to live permanently. Would love to see Brady and Kristin together, as this would cause drama for the Kiriakis family. So tired of mopey Eric; please put him on the back burner.
Looking forward to seeing how the effects of Mother’s Day plays out for Maggie.


They tested Hope & Justin years ago and they were great friends (sort of like Rafe today should’ve remained), but they just didn’t have it romantically IMO the ONLY way for a man to be successful with Hope after Bo is bring on a totally new guy for her who’s masculine, rugged/sexy & challenges her like others haven’t been able to do (and write a story for them with full respect to Bo & Bope’s legend)! The only one who had a chance at that was Ted who they turned ALL dark before there chemistry got explored! Love the suggestion to backburner Ben & Ciara if they’re not going to show he was set-up to murder! Hope some of these are seen by tptb and make a difference.


Bring Austin back and for Abby!
Chad and Gabi bicker but later kiss!
Lani dips in Brady’s bed!
Kristen rages on, on Lani, hehe!!!

Heard Galen is leaving, let him be the one who accidently killed Jordan!!!

Justin turns jealous and does not want Kayla back with Steve!

Hope The Last Blast Crew comes back to the main screen!

Lucas comes back for Will

Tony is really Andre, and wants to punish everyone!

An ultimate DiMera un-civil war for the fate of the company: Chad, Abby & Kate vs. Stefan, Gabi & Vivian vs. Kristen, Peter and his new wife Eve Donovan vs. EJ & Sammi. Anna keeps Tony out of it but he’s torn between team Chad or team Kristen.

Andre really is dead and can never impersonate Tony again. Ever. He’s dead for good. He was shot then stabbed by a poisonous sword and fell into a pit of quicksand full of hungry tigers.

Eric remembers he was happiest as a photo-journalist in Africa and leaves Salem (sorry Greg Vaughn).

Brady takes full control of Titan after Xander’s baby switch is exposed and Victor dies (only when John Aniston is ready to retire!). He’s torn between a life with Kristin & baby Rachel or one with a returned Theresa & Tate. Kristin’s DiMera family drama is leaning him toward Theresa.

Unknown to Brady, Xander still secretly runs the criminal (gambling/fencing) side of the Kiriakis business from the back of his new cabaret/burlesque club (that he also performs at regularly with very little clothing on). Leo Stark manages the club. Xander is trying to get back in Sarah’s good graces…and it’s working.

Eric decides to try a different religious path to find himself, becomes a monk and leaves Salem (sorry Greg Vaughn).

Brian Scofield returns to town as new Police Commissioner and Shawn-D joins the force (with a JJ-style hand wave of time). There’s tension between Shawn-D and Brian’s niece (Tanner & Molly’s kid whose a singer/dancer at Xander’s club) that threatens his marriage to Belle (partners with Justin in a private practice). Most importantly…the Salem PD is no longer a joke.

Marlena & John tire of the constant kidnappings, shootings and bouts of amnesia and decide to retire to a strawberry farm far away from Salem with all the whip cream they could hope for (sorry Deidre and Drake).

Eric is stunned when another man arrives in town claiming to be Eric Brady. Ultimately, we’ll discover the Eric that returned as a priest was a Stefano/Rolf pawn and he dies saving the life of the real Eric played by Jensen Ackles (sorry Greg Vaughn).

After being cleared of all murders (Jordan framed Ben as necktie, Evan killed Jordan), Ciara and Ben open a motorcycle shop/garage. Ben gets greasy a lot so doesn’t wear shirts very often. A McGuffin (money, secret plans, stolen jewels?) is eventually found in one of the police impounded cars they’re working on that leads to a mystery. The duo will team with big-brother Shawn-D and do sneaky things Shawn can’t do as a cop. Xander is behind the troubles but gets away clean after framing a fall guy/partner.

Will and Sonny get to be happy for a while. Will works at the Spectator and Sonny & Brady are bringing Titan to heights it hasn’t seen in years. When one of Arianna’s school friends comes over to play, they see bruises, leading to an abuse story line with the guys eventually fostering or adopting the friend.

Brandon and Taylor show up on Nicole’s doorstep. A long-lost great aunt has died leaving everything to them. Nicole and Taylor make up and Nicole leaves Salem a multi-millionaire with Holly and her loving siblings. (Sorry Ari Zucker. I’d hate to see her leave, but Nicole’s suffered enough and deserves a happy ending…without Eric bringing her down).

After the coma/Princess Gina/pacemaker debacles, Jennifer, Hope and Julie decide to unwind one night with a big plate of Alice’s doughnuts that they’ve (knowingly this time) spiced up with JJ’s secret ingredient. Realizing this is the year 2020 (or 2021?) the ladies educate themselves and open Salem’s first pot shop, specializing in doughnuts. With all the drama in Salem, they double the Horton family fortune in six months.

Eric goes up to the attic to look for skis (sorry Greg Vaughn).


I would absolutely love for Will & Sonny to pick up where they left off, prior to Adrienne’s accident, by expanding their family. Whether it’s via adoption or surrogacy, I’m sure that kind of story can be told in a dramatic, fun, soapy way, and I would just love for them to give Ari a little brother or sister at the end of it all. :relaxed:

I wanna see Rachel returned to Brady and Kristen. Sorry to the people that don’t but Rachel doesn’t belong to Sarah and Eric. I want the accident exposed completely and if it’s Maggie for her to turn herself in and for Victor and Xander to be arrested and Will to be free with his daughter. I want Sarah to let Xander have it when it’s exposed what he did with Victor. Hope and Steve to be back to normal. I want Gabi to be punished for what she did to Julie. This storyline has personally made me mad because because my dad died 10 months ago due heart issues and seeing Gabi hold Julie’s heart hostage makes me rage. I get that Julie was a piece of crap to Gabi but to see this makes me wanna see Gabi truly suffer.


Haven’t heard of Brian Scofield in years. Always liked Robert Mailhouse.

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JimmyOlsen you have some good ideas…cleacer!

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I have wanted for years for the character of Renee Dumond Dimera (Phyllis Sampler) to some how be alive and return to Salem to Rule Dimera… Especially now with Joe Moscolo sadly gone. The show was on such a high point during that time. I know it could be written somehow. Excellent character and giftrd actress!!