What’s up with Ben and Ciara?

They are barely on. We see them one episode and they disappear for weeks.

That’s why I just can’t get with them. I thought the show was pushing then to be the next thing but they are barely seen.

Even during the Mardevil they would diss appear for weeks.

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IMO as hard as they ve forced them, as hot sexually as they apparently are to many, and altho they may be the best couple on this show (that bar is SO low, however), he’ll ALWAYS have that serial killer label/dark cloud floating over his head because the writers simply refused to write and develop his character in a more suitable, indepth way for MORE audience to support & invest in! Brought Ciara, a possible amazing double-legacy character, down with him! If they were as strong as the publicity says they are they’d be shown more & stay front & center! With that being said who knows WHAT these writers are thinking LOL? JMHO!


Don’t miss them at all. I’m sure the next time we do see them, they’ll be doing more of the same… sitting around and talking about the baby. That is until Ciara gets kidnapped.


I don’t miss them at all either. When they are on they lay in bed making out or stand up making out. When their lips are not connected they just talk about the baby. BORING!

The actress that plays Ciara wants to come and go as she pleases maybe that has something to do with it.

The other thing I find strange is the devil was all interested in their baby, but now instead of wanting the baby, the Devil now wants to run Dimera. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED??? It makes no sense. Maybe they switched the Devil to Johnny, because Ben and Ciara were not going to be available? The Devil’s storyline really changed.


There in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment. RC has never been great at pacing out storylines. Characters often go MIA for weeks. It happened on OLTL, GH and on Days. They are still part of the possession storyline, but at the moment RC wants the devil to mess with other characters. I’m guessing things will pick up after the Olympics, the cliffhanger will probably be devil related.

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According to the actor who plays Johnny the devil still wants the baby, I’m thinking the Olympic cliffhanger will involve the devil and Ciara and ben.

And Ciara will be 9 months pregnant, lol.


That’s what I heard the actress doesn’t want to be full time. Then it time for a recast or send he to South Africa where all the younger cast seems to go except for Joey.

A lot of the cast is recurring. The tptb probably see it as a good thing as it saves them some money. But at some point Ciara may need to be recast. But I’m not sure the recent lack of screen time is about VK recurring status. I think it’s down to RC writing style of putting characters and storylines on the back burner until he is ready to continue the storyline for those characters

I agree. That was one of the reasons why Hope left. She was going to be put on the back burner for 4 months and then return with a storyline. We’re talking 4 MONTHS. How ridiculous is that.