What is Victor's plan for Adam?

Victor is simply giving Adam enough rope to hang himself that’s what.

I am not sure. But I am sure Tucker via Kay Chancellor, is part of Victor’s plan to destroy Adam. Sharon is also part of it.

Victor told Michael he was going to make sure Adam could never hurt his family again.

Quote soapfan42: When Michael was visiting Victor in jail today, Victor stated his plan was already working in regards to Adam.

I cannot think of how installing Adam as CEO of Newman Enterprises plays into Victor’s plan?

Any guesses anyone?

Spoilers say it has to do with BON if Adam sells to Tucker as he hinted, it will be illegal.

I wish Sharon would be on it to bring Adam down but why would she have sex with him and why feel like jello when she sees him?!?!?!? Im hoping that Victor opens her eyes to what Adam is and that she doesnt need him in her life and try to reunite Nick and Sharon cause Victor wants that he doesnt like Nick with Phylis! come on writers surprise us and show us that Sharon can stand up to Adam too!

Quote rowenna: Victor told Michael he was going to make sure Adam could never hurt his family again.

Actually, I thought he said to Michael “in order to neutralize Adam”.
Neutralize seemed sort of soft for what Victor usually says about Adam.

It makes me wonder if they are working together in order to obtain something they each want. And the only way to get what each one wants is by somewhat working together, but not entirely. Explaing the chess game they seem to be playing with Sharon and Newman Enterprises.

That would explain Neutralizing and not destroying Adam.

I dont think they’re working together but more of playing an elaborate chess match. Victor is trying to put Adam in check and Sharon is the queen. I was catching up on the episodes. When Adam went to Visit Victor he said something to the effect that “he didnt see that coming” and at it was quite a move and he congratulated Victor. Victor then continued to psych Adam out with reminders that it doesn’t matter if Sharon loves him she won’t choose him. Victor by destroying Adam’s illusion of Sharon and by using Sharon’s fears and vulnerability where Faith is concerned; is counting on tAdam makeing a stupid move that will allow Victor to put him in check or if a really big mistake, win. I find this SL better in some aspects because Adam and Victor are at their best in these mind games. I’m hoping that Adam gets a victory out of this or at least Victor doesn’t get a win. I’m so tired og TGVN winning all the time. The real shame is that Victor thinks after his “hopeful” takedown of Adam everything will go back as it was. It won’t . Sharon will end up being collateral damage unless she can somehow out maneuver the old b@st@rd.

You are probably right.

And like you, I am also hoping Adam comes out winning this one. It would be good to see someone outsmart Victor for once.