What is the point of staying together

I don’t get Quinn or Eric.

Eric is off having sex with Donna and saying how he feels so alive with her.

Quinn is off flirting with Carter, reminiscing , and today she told him she will always love him.

What is the point of continuing this marriage? Neither one of them stops and thinks that it is ridiculous and there is literally no point to continue? :woman_facepalming:t2:


I don’t get Eric… Quinn I understand.
Eric has thrown her back into the same situation she was in the first time she cheated with Carter. Eric is never there, never sticks around more than a few minutes until he’s off again.
Quinn never would have cheated the first time but for his lack of attention. Quinn shouldn’t have cheated then but it is what it is.
Eric is to blame for all of this. He’s so excited that a woman young enough to be his daughter finds his cheating butt desirable. He doesn’t love Donna or Quinn, just himself. Turd


Quinn was always so vibrant and feisty. I don’t understand her settling for this marriage that is basically a roommate situation.


If ever a soap character has a divided heart I believe it is Quinn.
She made a mistake going back to Eric. I think she felt such remorse for cheating with Carter that when Eric asked her back she decided to put her true feelings behind her and give her marriage her all. Little did she know Eric didn’t deserve it.


None of these characters can ever say she didn’t try in her marriage.


It is just cringeworthy tv.
Really don’t like Eric.
Don’t care about Donna.
Don’t understand this naive Quinn.
To sum it up: ew. Don’t make me watch it. Please.


I understand where Quinn is coming from, too. I believe she has genuine feelings for Eric and is still sorry she cheated, and that their marriage has not been repaired. She is basically sacrificing her happiness because she thinks the state of her marriage is mostly her fault. I also believe she has genuine feelings for Carter, and she thinks Eric deserves her loyalty because she messed up before.


I agree 100%! What Quinn did was wrong, but Eric held his affection from her. She had sex with Carter what 3 times before she ended it and Eric found out? Eric has been fornicating with Donna for months, and ignoring his devoted wife who is waiting at home for him.

I have never seen Eric as the victim in any of this. He emotionally abused his wife. I wish he would keel over and croak already.

The Logan biased writing will never allow Eric to be villified by any of the characters, like Quinn was.


I dislike seeing her sacrifice her happiness. What happened to the Quinn that went after what she wanted, everyone else be damned. I want to see that fighter again.


Exactly! Well said.


Fornicating is such an ugly word but it describes Eric and Donna perfectly. Eric really needs to croak fornicating. :rofl:


LOL! I agree. Eric needs to croak from fornicating.

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Well…the only thing that caught my attention on todays episode was, whether Zende shaves his underarms or not??
Otherwise, if I had missed the episode, I would never have known.


I don’t get Eric mostly because he can have sex with Donna but not with Quinn…? I do not understand.


He just doesn’t want to have sex with Quinn. He doesn’t want to have sex with her, doesn’t want to spend time with her and Donna makes him feel alive. There is no logical reason for why he is staying in this marriage. He’s so dumb.


Quinn believes her husband is sick. She believes he has ED. She took a vow in sickness and in health. She’s hoping the ED is temporary. I guess if it’s not she loves Eric enough to stay with him in a sexless marriage. I’m guessing as soon as she finds out he’s been getting it on the side all this time while she’s been celibate s**t’s going to hit the fan


I hope it does.

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That is what happens, when you settle down with older partner. They drain the life out of you, and then dump you for boobs, lol. Just my warped since of humor, always working overtime.

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I don’t think Eric really had ED. ED is a medical issue that isn’t resolved vy switching partners. Like you said, he just did not want to have sex with his wife. Eric really is a pig.


I don’t think it will. Eric is never called out. He will probably tell Quinn to go be Carter and she runs off to find him.

After they divorce, I want Eric to get ED for real and not be able to have sex with Donna. They deserve some bad Karma, especially Eric.