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What if Valentin?

What if Valentin has known all along that Nell’s is Nina’s daughter? Could it be that is why they were so close dur6her time out of jail and he was helping her with passports, lawyer etc? What if Madeline told him the truth about Nelle and that is when he chose to hire Sasha to give Nina a better daughter? Maybe as he said to Jax that he’d rather Nina to be happy than to give her news that would upset her? Just a thought? What do you guys think?


All i wanna swe is jinas reaction to nelle being her
She told jax he did nothing wrong in trying to grt a kidney for joss
How will she feel knowing it was her daughters kidney alll that help led to nelles angry snd eventually her death
How loving is nina gonna be to jax when he supports carly and sides with her when nina hears how nelle really died and the over up
I for one hope vals tells her hes sorry but turns his back on her

This is something that has been tossed about for some time and I suppose it is plausible. Valentine would never want Nina to suffer knowing her daughter is so evil. But, given how Nina reacted to his previous lies, do you think he would keep this secret?

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I think at one point, I got the feeling that he knew and wanted to spare Nina the heartache. It certainly seems possible.

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That’s an interesting premise! And I can see that being true!

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Naaa i do t see it i see val making a deal with nelle to help her win wiley and help her against the sonny carly michael if she be the daughter nina deserves
Naaa val wouldnot keep the secret he would usenit
He would be a hero in ninas eyes and win her back
It will cause problems with nins and jax the whole kidney
I could see nelle hyping up val to nina and nelle using val anyway she can
Naaa i dont see val keeping that secret from nina when he can play the hero

Maybe Jax knows but I still am having trouble thinking that Nelle is her daughter because they would have Nina to stop looking for her and they have said that she should stop looking and so why would they say that if she was still alive that is wrong

I definitely don’t think Jax knows anything, but I definitely think it’s a possibility Valentin knows? However I do think Jax and Carly will see the heart necklace and figure it out and won’t tell her? I think that someone else will and she’ll loose her mind with grief and guilt(due to her part in Nelle loosing custody at the trial) over it taking it out on Jax, Carly and possibly Michael/Willow for custody of Wiley!