What If All My Children Met General Hospital

What if the characters of All My Children were to meet the characters of General Hospital, these are the characters who I would put in romantic pairings:

JR Chandler meets Elizabeth Webber, they would be reunited but as different people because JR is not Lucky anymore, he is JR Chandler and he is the exact opposite of Lucky.

Jason Morgan meets Greenlee Smythe again, Jason & Greenlee reunited once again, but this time in a romantic pairing

Ryan Lavery meets Brenda Barrett, Ryan meeting Brenda, that would be a first, I think Brenda would definitely love Ryan, and the feelings would be mutual.

Carly Corinthos-Jacks meets Zach Slater this would be the ultimate power couple right here, if you ask me

Michael Corinthos III meets Colby Chandler, now they would be a hot couple, Colby would be able to help Michael, and Michael would definitely help Colby mellow out more. A case of good girl meets bad boy.

Dante Falconeri meets Marissa Tasker

Nikolas Cassadine meets Annie Chandler

Lucky Spencer meets Kendall Hart Slater

Sonny Corinthos meets Erica Kane again

Asher Cortlandt meets Kristina Davis-Corinthos


Truthfully Erica Kane always scared me for some reason!

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The only thing about Kendall Hart Slater is that she’s gay so… It wouldn’t happen

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Kendall isn’t gay. Bianca was.


Right! I got them mixed up. But when AMC went off the air Kendall was still married to what’s his name? Unless they’re going to kill him off if the character ever comes back to soapland, I didn’t like him that much…

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What if

Valentin Cassadine met Will Cortlandt

Martin Grey met Tad Martin

Sonny Corinthos met Nico Kelly

Laura Webber met Ceara Connor

Drew Cain met Ryan Lavery

Hayden Barnes met Greenlee Smythe


What if
Drew Cain (original actor) met Richie Novak (both played by Billie Miller)

Zach Slater was Kendall’s husband. He now plays Ridge Forrester o B&B.

That would be cute!

What if Anna Devane (GH) met Alex Marick (AMC) and Alex Marick (GH) met Anna Devane (AMC)?? Oh wait…


General Children. or
All My Hospitals

Damn, I really need to watch All My Children…

I would love to see Erika Kane team up with the fashion team at Crimson magazine in Port Charles .

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They did a one life to live thing when Star , Todd and Blair was on the show