What Happened to the Powerful, Charismatic Bill?!

This new wussy, self-pitying Bill is a total turn off. Bill’s attraction has always been his confidence, machismo, and personal power. This weak, pity-partying Bill is a complete reversal of his character, and makes no sense. Bill would be laying his latest plans to get Brooke back, and basking in being the hero for turning in Sheila. Come on writers - this is sickening and a waste of Don Diamond’s talents!!


He is no longer $$Bill! He is now boo hoo Bill!!!


Totally agree. Bill WAS my favourite character but now I just want to turn off the scenes with him in them.


There is absolutely no chemistry between Bill & Sheila… i did notice chemistry between Deacan & Taylor though.

He got weaken by being Loganized. The result is Shelia.

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