What do you want to see on Y&R?

Oh! Well, everyone gets involved on this show with various relatives so no biggy. LOL!

I agree with your thread. The writing of this show is beyond terrible. They need to gut this whole show, restore history and get back to character driven stories that once tugged at our heartstrings. Years ago when General Hospital was on the brink of cancellation, ABC hired Gloria Monty and she single handedly turn that whole show around with great writing. She even had to recast some characters with different actors in order to give these characters some substance and pizzazz. And shall I mention establishing the greatest supercouple in soap opera history!!! In a six month period the ratings soared through the roof. The same can work for The Young and the Restless. Bring back that old background music they used to play of the scenes. I was haunting and beautiful. The Chancellor mansion set today look cheap and unkempt. Catherine Chancellor would have never stood for that. I think the show can restored back to it’s original form especially since it has been renewed for four more years.

The actor did say that she would love a nice storyline with Devon…so who knows!

I have thought a LOT about this! First thing -

  1. pay homage to Neil and have Devon take in a troubled youth. this troubled youth could eventually be a love interest for Faith!
  2. give us a good mystery for Kevin and Paul to investigate - a GOOD one - my idea was to have a rich older man come to town and woo Victoria. he is a well-known business man BUT he is basically like Bernie Madoff and his empire is about to crumble. He embezzles money from Newman or hacks in and holds all their data ransom - something good that has Kevin and Paul investigate. Have Phyllis or Billy blamed - we get a trial with Michael prosecuting and Amanda defending! Or have Colin get murdered and make it look like Devon did it. He and Amanda could fall in love while she is defending him.
  3. the rich man could kidnap Victoria as a last ditch effort when he is about to be exposed. Billy and Victor could work together to save her!
  4. have SOMEONE get amnesia in a small town outside of Genoa City - I am up for this being Abby -she could fall in love with a simple farmer and his adorable daughters, after a few weeks of her acting like Paris Hilton on the farm. OR how about Lauren? that could be tied somehow to Sheila, or Lauren worried Sheila is back, and she leaves town and has an accident? I could imagine Lauren working in a shop that is owned by a single man and she helps him turn his business around and they fall in love before Michael finds her.
  5. Have Adam become a villain again! he is wasted as a good husband and father only. If he takes over Newman while Abby is waylaid, have him wrest control away from her for good, and have him hire Phyllis or Theo once he is in control.
  6. Have Lola get pregnant after sleeping with Theo AND Kyle and not know who the father is.
  7. bring back Gloria

Some interesting loose ends that could be tied up (not saying I want all these things to happen) could include: Summer and Billy’s ONS (that could be explosive right now), Bella is really Billy’s daughter, what is the deal with Sharon’s father?, characters in jail that just vanish, never to be heard from again (Zoe, Simon, JT -and his son is back in town) and I’m sure there’s more.

I totally agree. I want Sharon and Nick back together. Michael and Lauren too and Paul, but leave Christine out. Don’t care for her.

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I heard Glo is coming back

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She was not on the show long enough to make an impact.

I would like to see Crazy actresses brought back like Daisy, Patty and Sheila this soap needs to be brought back on top not on the bottom and failing rapidly. Also i didnt see any tribute to the creator of Young and Restless Lee Philip Bell who passed away recently RIP condolences to the family

I would like to see Cane return to the show along with Charlie and Maddie! Cane and Charlie and become a powerful father son duel and take over Jabot or Chancellor Industries!

From your lips to God’s ears. That would be terrific!!!

Redeem Adam. Let him work for Victor and help Victoria. Let him do the right thing and finally be a part of the family. Let he and Nick bury the hatchet and find respect and caring as brothers do. I’m sick of him always being portrayed as the bad guy and Nick always being so righteous. Adam has done his time, please give him a break.

I like a Nick and Phyllis together. Their chemistry is amazing.

I know everyone loves Sharon, but I’ve never been a fan. I’ve never understood how she’s always had such a big part of this show. Her scenes lack believability. And, the cancer story is just depressing. NO ONE wants to see or think about cancer. This was a bad idea. PERIOD! If you have cancer or have had cancer you don’t want to think about it. I pretty much fast forward through all of her scenes.

Devon needs a better story. He’s a great actor.

Can’t stand Chloe, but I do love Kevin.

Give Michael and Lauren more show time.

Love Kyle and Summer. Let them start a family and continue to succeed.

Get rid of Theo and Lola. No one cares.

More, more, more of Jack. Please get him a love interest. One that will work out and stay. Make them a power couple like Victor and Nickie.

I love the Victor family scenes. Let him finally give Adam his equal standing in the family and show more of a happy Newman family that fights together against anyone that threatens their family.

Try to find a way to keep things going without all of the meanness. We need more nice in the world. Especially in soap land.

I would like to see Summer and Kyle get married and leave town to tour the world permanently

Give Lola and Theo a real s/l and Theo takes over at Jaot with Jack

Give Jack a new love

Nick and Sharon get back together

More Micheal and Lauren

Bring back Noah for good

Bring back the old Mariah and give her a love interest that isn’t so boring

Bring Paul back and give Kevin a real s/l

More drama and maybe a who killed Phyllis s/l :rofl:

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Amen to all of that!

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I wouldn’t assume that “no one cares” if Theo and Lola were gone. I care and so do many others, maybe not all on this site but they have their fans.