What do you want to see on Y&R?

The established characters and families! These new boring characters like Lola and Theo just don’t cut it. And for theemphasized text love of all things holy please stop with the Phyllis nonsense. It’s so old and played out, not to mention boring and unrealistic. The little black mail, best around the bush routine is tired. Bring back the Newman’s and Abbots and Chancelors to the main story lines.

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No no no!!! To a Lola being pregnant. Please not that again. Lola and Kyle are stuffy together.

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Thanks to everyone who participated! Watch for my Y&R column later today!

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Not that I’m an Abby fan but I would like to see her wipe the floor with Phyllis.

I would like to see Billy Boy grow a pair and not crumble every five mins.

I would like to see Nick find a new love interest and move on from Chelsea (and not with Phyllis).

And Jack needs a new love interest as well.

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Thought Lola was leaving for Miami and I created a s.l. - a super hot chef comes to town and in two triangles - Abby/Chef/Chance, or Abby/Chef/Victoria. But I do like Abby and Chance together a lot.

I would also like to see Chelsea and Chloe back in the fashion design business.

Would LOVE for them to open the old Delia wound and prove once and for all that Adam did not hit her that night. He needs to be innocent. Sick of everyone hating him so much, especially his siblings!

Sharon and Nick back. Rey can stay as a cop, but that’s all. He’s boring.

Devon and Amanda to fall in love, and her story to come out that she is HIlary’s birth twin given up for adoption. We know she was adopted or fostered, now embellish her story!

No please don’t put Devon and Amanda together.


Heck yeah and keep Phyllis out of everybody business with that stupid grin. Get rid of the Sharon cancer story.

More Michael and Lauren, more Paul, more Kevin, bring back Gloria, but absolutely not Sharon’s parents or Elena’s family.

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Absolutely NOT Celeste for Jack. Hasn’t poor Jack suffered enough!


As much as I would want Summer to get dumped, it would make more sense that now that she has Kyle, he no longer interests her, so she kicks him to the curb and Lola wants no part of him anymore. I would like to see Lola and Theo. And Kevin and Chloe to stay together and be happy.

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Actually I change my mind, I do not want Amanda and Devon together. He’s fine with Elena, who is his girlfriend in real life! Amanda and Billy have chemistry, but Billy’s chaos is getting old!

Sharon and Nick back together for GOOD!

Kyle and Summer just a bad nightmare.

Jack and Gloria a couple again.

Jack and Jill make a nice couple.

I’d like to see some happiness for the characters - there is always so much doom and gloom - is that really the meaning of drama?

Why not Celeste?

She didn’t bring anything to the show. So definitely no Celeste


Jack and Gloria or Jack and Jill is :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:
Jack in a relationship with his brother billy’s mother is just too :nauseated_face::nauseated_face: I think that’s why the writers haven’t revisited that affair in years :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

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What Y&R really needs is writers with excellent storytelling ability that respects the history of the show, the characters AND the fans of the show!! What keeps viewers happy, interested and watching is good, interesting, intriguing and thought provoking storylines… We have been asked where we think that stories should go, which characters are unwatchable and what we want to see on the show and all we really need is GOOD WRITERS that understand the value of character driven stories!

Jack and Jill AND Jack and Gloria wouldn’t work for me because Gloria and Jill were both married to John

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I would like–no love to see Billy grow up! I’ve never seen such a spoiled self-indulgent brat like him. I hope Victoria never takes him back. She needs a grown man for a partner and not another child to deal with.