What do you want to see on Y&R?

Research for upcoming column. What storylines/characters would you like to see on Y&R?

Try to avoid saying what you DON’T want, and focus on what you do want.

  • Candace
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I want to see Adam steal Newman from Victoria.


backstory for sharon newman


Sharon cancer story brings her mother and father together.
Adam thinking he out smarted victor. …looses everything


Sharon’s father storyline.
Please cast an experienced actor from a soap that is off air or even other shows to play Sharon’s father.
And please don’t bring him only to kill him off after a few episodes like it happened with Neil’s mother :frowning: .

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Give Elena a family member and some real backstory. I thought it would have been cool if Billy’s therapist was her aunt.

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I agree with Sharon’s father.
I know I’m in the minority, but I want to see Sharon and Nick back together.
More Micheal and Lauren.
More Paul.


Tanner Watts for Lola. Devon gets his billions back so he can step in when Lola needs a partner for her restaurant. Celeste returns for Jack and of course Rey/Sharon and Devon/Elena marry. A love interest for Nate.




Lola and Ray leaves


I want to get some real backstory about Theo. No one knows much about him. I want to learn about his life growing up in Chicago and what he did in New York with Kyle. The “secret” should finally be revealed.

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  • A decent love interest for Jack.

  • A really good “who done it” mystery story that takes some veteran characters on a search to solve it

  • More stories for veteran characters verse so much focus on boring newbies

  • Some really good friendships would be great too! male/male…female/female… male/female

  • More focus on Abbotts, Newman’s, Chancellors and Winters families.

  • (bonus if new characters aren’t suddenly biologically tied to veteran families in an attempt to make them interesting: fail)

  • Bring back the Genoa City Athletic Club set/ the Chancellor mansion

  • Marriages that last longer than Super Bowl commercials

  • More characters like Gloria! Every soap needs comic relief!

  • More investing in children of veteran families so that the story can continue onto the next generation instead of just new characters.

  • More glitz and glam like soaps used to do. BIG fancy parties and over the top glamorous weddings


No, I love Lola and Rey, they are more decent characters then the rest of Y&R characters. I think Phyllis and her daughter Summer should be the ones to leave.


Keep 'em coming! What kind of storylines would most entertain you?

Jack to take back the captains chair at Jabot until Kyle and Summer can stop sucking face and playing touchy feely at work. Get a grip on work not each other. Earn your paychecks!

Get a love interest for Jack without going to Miami or having Miami come here to get him one.
Whatever happened to Gina? I liked her. She new the restaurant biz in and out and even performed. Gina/Lola co-owners? Gina knows the ropes well and is respected in GC.

Sharon and Nick together again. I’ve tried liking her with Rey but just ain’t working for me at all. Don’t hate it but just don’t do anything for me.

New man for Victoria. There has to be a subservient man out there that won’t mind her obsession with having to run the show.

Give Phillis back the GP so she closes that yap of hers for quick minute. We all know that she won’t be satisfied with what she says she is rightfully hers ,but all this conniving, ridiculous Inspector Gadget spy tactics and passive aggressive blackmailing makes me want to🤮.

Billy…no more “heal thy self” strategy cause honey,it ain’t workin. Put his deranged butt on The Jabot with a team of therapists and circle the frickin seas until that sorry man is cured of whatever the h@ll is ailing him.

Get Nate a date,huh,say it again ! And not Amanda !
Abbey and Chance are good for now.

Adam Chelsea and Conner blah,quit letting that child run the house. Get him some real help.
Chloe enough with the Adam hatred ,I never believed he killed Deedee. So please move on or move out of town again.

What’s going on with Dina? Was that story dropped too?

Do something with Mariah , I know she’s helping Sharon now but let her take over at the coffee shop helping out. She lost her job. Faith can help out on weekends and vacations.

Send Theo back to NYC.



Please give Phyllis an interesting, sexy fun story-line with actual direction and purpose. I don’t mind her getting into her usual shenanigans but lawdy, put some meat on it!

Let her have a win for once, and for crying out loud where can a woman get a little lovin in this town?!

Bring the real Mariah back, fun but snarky, always funny, a little campy. The nosey CEO clinging onto her GF’s leg all the time is NOT working.



When talking about specific story-lines…

I wouldn’t mind another murder mystery, I always thought those were fun. Something with shock and awe that we have to figure out, not like a silly secret in Vegas and the murder of someone we don’t know. That doesn’t count. lol

I’m thinking more like Dianes murder.


Drama and lots of it, that’s what I want to see!


Character driven stories! I want to actually understand what characters want, and why they’re acting as they do, and have it make sense.

More specific?

A real story for Mariah, and a relationship where she’s an equal partner and not a doormat, with someone who’s actually onscreen and who isn’t a serial liar/con artist.

A love interest for Jack who’s age appropriate and not a con artist or doppelgänger or lunatic. Bring back that nice woman who he met when he was getting Dina settled at the retirement home.

Settle on whether Billy has a split personality or a deep seated addiction or some other mental illness, or is simply a selfish jackass, and then go with that moving forward.


Yes! And maybe better secrets that involve characters we KNOW.

But I have another one…

BRING RONAN BACK!!! And I am talking the REAL Ronan, OG actor, not a dollar store version. :innocent: