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What do you want to see on B&B?

Lol…not too sure about the unexpected part…Brooke has done it before you know…

Oh yes, I forgot about that!

Not that I think Thomas would even want to know a baby from Zoe, but she could be written to think he would harm her to make her miscarry. Because I think he would. Not to mention Douglas might do something.

It would actually be for the baby’s safety to pretend it’s Carter’s.

And it would be interesting for him to go along with it since he’s a lawyer.

I would love to see less repetitive dialogue and the show moving forward not standing still for the entire week. We only get maybe 20 minutes each day so it would be great if they made the most of those 20 minutes without all the flashbacks of what the did last week or yesterday.

Hope with Beth? Boring!

Not to me and not to other Hope fans.

Yes, yes and yes… someone please bring Thomas down…NOW
I don’t care if its Vinnie, Douglas, Liam or Brooke but the same ol same ol passive/aggressive diatribe comes from his mouth on a daily basis. Not a Logan fan but I’m keen to see Ridge’s reaction to his son’s ‘‘moving on’’

Oh, and yes please - a new man for Steffy.

Firstly, have a Brooke gets murdered storyline - with the killer preferably being Flo -an accident - get rid of both of them together. With both actresses gone bring in a new fashion house run by at least a father and preferably two sons
Have Steffy fall for one of the sons and Sally the other.
Liam left to lament his waffling ends up alone and living with Wyatt
Thomas finally gets the help he needs and Douglas goes to live with his grandmothers in New York after the “adoption” is proved to be illegal.
After a serious accident Beth is found to not be Hope and Liam’s daughter, Carter helps Hope gain full custody of Beth and they fall in love, Hope gives birth to his son and Liam is devastated, he tries to get back with Steffy but she tells him to take a hike as she has a new man.
Shauna and Ridge get together for a short time but he ends up falling for Quinn again. Quinn turns to Ridge after not forgiving Eric for thinking that she murdered Brooke.
Rick comes back and tries to claim Brookes house etc and gets into a major war with Hope.
Katie finds herself attracted to the father of the new fashion house, and vice versa - he’s around Ridges age, this sets up a war between him and Bill.

Only because Brooke was lying about being pregnant with Ridge’s kid. Taylor found out about Brooke’s lie and exposed her. Taylor and Ridge then reunited.

Brooke started it with her lying, as always.

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Catfight knows what we shouldn’t be seeing and that is, a young boy like Douglas eye level to Hope’s cleavage. What’s up with AN standing over that little actor with her breasts in his face? Not cool. Anyone else think Douglas was in the wrong position for the scene?


Let’s see, how about the Avant family? It would be nice to see that family back on screen. I miss Reign Edwards (Nicole). She and Rome Flynn were a beautiful couple. Maya and Rick were expected back a few months ago. Why break the couple up off screen? It was silly to have Maya on for one liners about her and Rick not doing well. They should have fallen apart and divorced like the rest of the characters. Tell us the story.

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Thanks to all who participated! Watch for my B&B Column later today!

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I want to see Douglas turn into a mini psychotic like his dad. It would be fantastic opportunity for the actor playing little Douglas and I believe he could handle it. I can only imagine the possibilities with Zoe and Douglas.

I was going to post on the same thing. I would like to see Thomas realize that he has real feelings for Zoe. Hope needs to not get what she wants. You can tell she is jealous - and it would be great if Douglas would begin to have feelings for Zoe as well. It is time to leave Hope in the dust


I don’t. It’s bad enough seeing Thomas abuse Zoe, I don’t need to see Douglas doing it too.

Can someone please send Brad Bell this memo?


I would like for Quinn to get set free from Eric. Quinn developing romantic feelings for Ridge again. Quinn and Ridge date for a while before getting married. Much to Shauna’s dismay. Shauna decides to make a play for Eric. Just my opinion.

I would like to see:
Misdiagnosis of Sally and either a cure or symptoms managed by meds. Then I want to see her with a new non-Spencer/non-Forrester fashion talented man and then they open a fashion house that competes with FC. Not the old type of competition but the classy way. She starts a family and lives her life.

Steffy, Hope and Liam need to break that moldy never ending threesome chain. Yes they all are tied to the fact that they have children together but what else is new and so what if they do. Move on!

Send Wyatt ,Flo ,her annoying mother back to Vegas to live happily ever after.

Bring Caroline back. Only repeat here I want to see(of bringing back here the dead). Douglas would have his mommy back and rightfully so. Hope could move on with her daughter please and Whomever,I don’t care who . Finally let it come out that Ridge is Douglas’s father not terrible Thomas. Caroline and Ridge marry and raise their son.

Brooke can marry the cabana boy/ pool boy / vodka deliverer and try to keep her snout out of everyone else’s business.

You hardly ever see anyone working at the Fashion house that keeps them in the lap of luxury. Design more and more fashion shows. More location shots around the globe.

Finally send Thomas back to Paris for good.

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I would hire a new photographer for either FC or Spencer Publications. Yes, bring in Noah Newman from Y&R. I would love to see him with Steffy he could decide to follow his new career in photography and have Lauren as a referral for him. He comes to FC and sweeps Steffy off her feet.

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Vinnie coming clean about Thomas and his sick obsession with Hope when he tells all just how sick and demented Thomas really is. How Thomas has told him about pretending to have real feelings for Zoe. Worst of all is causing Douglas all this confusion and heartache by using him as his “Trump Card” to guilt Hope into falling into his trap!

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This soap stays so str8 lined bafoonish i really don’t know anymore. Bell Jr writes whatever light he wants to see his favs in and that makes for a very long and boring show. But if it were to be written good and fair i’d love to see Steffy fall in love again with someone young handsome and successful. Hope to have more flaws that aren’t hypocritical so we can find her more human and possibly like her. Thomas to have an edge but in a more normal sense like Adam, Billy and eve Nick at times on Y&R. Ridge to fall in love with a younger woman cheat on Brooke and keep telling Brooke in her face as karma for Stephanie for all of those years. Then maybe they were make this an hour long show.