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Wednesday's B&B recap: Ridge finds an oasis in Vegas

maybe its just me but something was missing from ridge and shauna today
its like she felt was waiting for ridge and jump her and tell her being there is a mistake and hes going back
she wasnot her usually fiery self

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How can she be? I would be questioning anything out of his lying mouth. He was committed to Brooke before videogate. He continues to bleat about Brooke one minute and Shauna “you’re the wind beneath my wings” the next minute. He’s a donkey.


Speaking of that Oasis…Folks say the cabin Hope is living in on Brookes estate is a dump? OMG
Thats at least on an estate. The desert shack Shawna lives in looks like a set from a bad spaghetti western The shag carpet. The ugly furniture. OMG. The chair made from a tree? Yikes.
The cabin at Brookes is NO longer the ugliest on the show.
Some Oasis Ridge. Going to be hard to compare that to your pallatial estate. LOL
Question? I know Brooke and Ridge signed divorce papers and they werent filed. Couldnt Brookes attorney fight in court even if they get filed? Usually theres a hearing right?

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She could fight but she already signed
Ridge can go to another quicky and get a quicky divorce and return

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:speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:
her shack is actually the same one they use for Shauna and Flo in LA, all they have done is darken it and changed the curtains and sofa and chairs etc!
:speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:
with Y&R next door i thought the lest they could do is borrow a set from them but i guess this shows how the bells really feel about shauna and ridge!
plus i notice ridge’s constance hostility to shauna so no wonder she feels unsure! the bells and the staff think we are the crazy ONES but i think NOT! we want our show back and this is their response!

The problem with ridge and shauna is that the writers didnit expect fans to support them
Shauna was suppose to be the home wreck and baby thief
Fans were support to cheer on brooke and hate shauna
As for shaunas home i dont see a reason to invest in a set thats not going to be around much

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true enough but still it would be nice if they made the effort at times but like the ever repeating story lines i guess not!
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Thank you to those who also felt it was ugly. Shaunie wont stay in Vegas. We all know she wants the finer things like her bestie. Cant wait to see what Bill finds out about her when he starts digging in Vegas about Quinn before she came to LA.

I love Shauna and Ridge. I’m a huge Denise Richards fan. Brooke terrorized Taylor. It would be so wonderful if Shauna ended Bridge once and for all. Brooke Logan is despicable.

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For years Shauna believed that Bill Spencer was Flo’s father. Shauna was surprized to find out that Bill was not the father after all. Shauna never tried to shake down Bill for money even though she knew that he was rich.

Don’t most people like to enjoy the finer things in life? I know that every time I buy a lottery ticket I am hoping that one day I am going to win the jackpot that could make life easier for myself, my children and leave me with money to indulge philantropic endeavours.

Yep she thought bill might be flos dad she didnot try to shake him down
She raised her daughter on her own and was happy