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Wardrobe thread

I went back 14 pages and I cannot find the Wardrobe thread. So I’m starting another one. Maybe a moderator can pin this to the top so that there isn’t a new thread created for every outfit?

Abby’s dress on the September 10th Canadian episode looked like she was wearing her Grandma’s doily tablecloth! Another off-the-shoulder concoction, only the shoulder part also had a hole cut into it. Ugly!

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Victoria looked like she was wearing a silk bathrobe.

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The thread was titled Attention Wardrobe department. …last posted September 8, about 4 pages back.
Since you started a new thread, will comment on here. I guess you are referring to clothes at Dark Horse which in US we will see today September 11.
But on US Monday show I noticed Lauren in a white top, not a fan of the wide sleeves but at least she was covered, not popping out
Tessa had a pink striped top, it was okay but didn’t look like it fit her great
No comment on Phyllis outfit…or lack of outfit

I thought her dress was rather pretty, even though I don’t care for one shoulder dresses. I didn’t see a resemblance to a doily tablecloth at all. This type of fabric is called eyelet…a fabric that has embroidery and embroidered holes which gives it the look of a different type of lace.

Crimson’s, one day Tessa is dressed like going to the TOP of the Roof, yesterday she was dresses like a pirates crew matie.

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Now that you mention it… LOL

I liked Abby’s dress. I thought it was very feminine. I thought Sharon looked great, but I didn’t like Vicky’s dress.

Yeah she did - lol I did like those earrings, tho

Watching daytime today…Sharon dress. Way too tight. Too low cut, the boobs were about to pop
Victoria. …like a shiny bathrobe
Abby…basically nice. Except for the extra strap looking piece on one side like it was falling off

Mariah. Did she grab the red dress from hillary closet. Too low cut. So very much not Mariah.


That red outfit Mariah was wearing today reminded me of an ice skating outfit…

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I really liked that colour on her it was very flattering. But I wasn’t gung-ho about the style. It kind of reminded me of a poodle skirt

It wasn’t a Mariah type dress. Too low cut. The bottom. …full skirt was cute better than all the too tight dresses or skirts a lot wear

This isn’t a wardrobe thing per say, but didn’t know where else to dump it. Nick’s new professional look is really nice, but the poor guy had some serious razor burn. I felt really bad for him. I know a lot of guys have shaving issues, and after having a beard for months, poor guy. But it’s a great look on him!

I like Nick’s new look too. For too long he look like an unkempt bum.


I like clean shaven Nick …didn’t notice razor burn guess I wasn’t watching that close
But to me that I need a shave look is not a good look …

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Loved Victoria’s black and white dress
Victoria’s launch party dress looked like a kimono
Abby’s dress looked like something I wore at 13
Sharon’s dress I actually liked

Billy gave Phyllis that diamond necklace in his office. …after being together 24/7 in Vegas. Really writers. Another reason to have sex in his office
And what kind of professional office attire was her off shoulders dress.
Please backburner both as soon as billy looses next poker game

I was thinking the same thing!

Summer…the ruffled pants. Did not like at all
Maybe a budget thing, but looking at Web. As worn on tv, it shows same pants worn by Hope on B&B. Noticed several outfits worn by actresses on both shows

I liked the pink dress and jacket Abby had on

Sharon striped top was cute