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Want Romances for Sally & Steffy

I want to see our spunky heroines being wooed.

Instead, I have to hear how * honest* Shauna and Flo are…
Making Steffy backburnered while trying to legitimize the Vegas blondes is failing for me bigtime.
It ain’t working. Makes me actually want to clean my house…

We are on DVR & delete in my house right now.


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i actually do not mind shauna but her spawn i do not like one bit! i would not have minded flo if they had made her the new gold digger on the block but i do not buy her sugar sweetness because deep down there is nothing sweet about her at all!
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as for new men it would be very nice to have at lest 1 new male for Steffy and Brooke to fight over and i do not understand why it is hard for the powers that be to understand this!
unfortunately Sally has gone the way of Thomas sacrifice for the new comer Flo and then for Brooke and co! so if she can get out of town like Thomas without killing someone or being killed that is the best we can hope for!


Why should Brooke be involved in Steffy’s love life? Why should Steffy have to fight Brooke for anyone? Enough already. Can’t we have a real man who sees that sickening woman and her daughter for what they are? It’s beyond ridiculous to think that any man whoul give Brooke another look or thought when he sees Steffy.No thanks.I want a new man for Steffy, who’s all about her and she’s all about him.

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the trouble is we all want new men for the ladies, trouble is it is not happening! we need a male to break up some of these triangles and not a replacement should one of the male actors should leave!

so picking a male in between Steffy’s age and Brooke’s would be a good start! not too old for Steffy’s age group and not to young for Brooke’s age group! the trouble when you look at the history of the show it always a male in Brooke, Taylor’s age group where a triangle is concern, there were three exceptions deacon, rick, owen!

there is always a triangle it is part of soap culture even if they have other story lines there is always a triangle, somewhere tried into the fabric of the story board! so we can Brooke, Steffy and Bill which is a repeat of Katie,Steffy and Bill or something NEW! i would love something NEW instead of the same repeating story lines one after the other!

Sorry but no. With Bell, Brooke, Hope, Ridge and Liam are the ultimate catches, So wether they get a new man for Steffy, he will be all over Brooke or Hope and a new lady, all over Liam, or Ridge. No. I want a new man for Steffy, who’s only about her. Brooke deserves to be stuck with Ridge and Ridge with Brooke. No man or woman deserves to be stuck with these two. Same goes with lope. They should be stuck together and keep their toxic asses away from Steffy and her new man.

Enough already with the logans and Liam as the end of it all. They’re the worst on this show.Bell loves triangles?He can do many but no need to have one that includes Steffy and her new man. This one couple would be the one who’s all about each other dealing with personal and professional challenges that don’t include cheating or abuse. And boy are there so many challenges that a couple in love deals with that don’t include these things.


Great post! I agree with every word you said. I strongly dislike BB right now. It’s a breath of fresh air to have time away from Lope, but Lope is replaced by Floatt. I cannot stand the character of Flo Fulton. Wyatt has been ruined for me too. I’m sick of watching a criminal uplifted in every episode over a beloved character like Sally Spectra.

Go away Flo Fulton. You can take Wyatt with you. Have your Happily Ever After off screen. I’m tired of watching a criminal become the heroine of the show. It’s too frustrating to watch.