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Walking/Fear the Walking Dead

Anyone watch either? Do you love it? Did you hate it? Let’s chat it up!

LMBO! Love Walking but can’t stand FEAR!

So, glad that Nichonne & Ric are gonna finally fight back! :sunglasses: :wink:

Love me some Daryl & finally he got loose & escaped!

Understand how he couldn’t bring himself to tell Carole who died but glad CAROLE is back & ready 2 FIGHT!

Farewell sweet sweet fierce Sasha! :mrgreen:

Eugene WHAT R U up 2? :unamused:

Who should KILL Negan?

Perhaps Sasha/Eugen before they themselves are killed?

So what Jesus is gay!

And if anyone watches Supernatural…there was a LUCILLE sighting a couple of weeks ago!

Why U ask?

Jefferry dean Morgan played Papa John Winchester(the boys dad) on season 1/2 but was killed off saving Dean!

It was just show winking at the audience those of us in the “know”!

Lauren Cohen(Maggie) also played in several eppis in season 4…I think it was! :sunglasses: :wink:

OMG! Can’t wait 4 the season finale & the big battle against the big BAD Lucille swinging

ugh! Neegan & his awful crew!

So glad the King, his kingdom, Masly Carole are ready 2 FIGHT!

I wonder who the TIGER is gonna eat 4 a snack!

Love Rick/Nichonne/Carole/ Carl/Ezekiel & his tiger!

Also love the connection between Rick & the first man who he met after the zombie infestation started(Mason)hope none of thes characters are KILLED!

Sasha will prolly DIE killing Neegan with Eugene’s help!

Have a real feeling eugene is gonna die a “noble” death saving his friends! :wink:

LMBO! SHIVA the Tiger thought those evil ones tasted GGGGGGGGREAT! :sunglasses: :wink:

Floved Shiva the CGI tiger’s grand entrance 2 Alexandria!

R.I.P. Sasha…U are the “real” Sasha FIERCE! :sunglasses: :wink:

Well, the war has started…2 bad Negan & that’s “trashy” biotch are still breathing! :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

It is a pity that the 3-4 minute ads spoil a good show 50 min into 1.5hrs I am sure a lot of viewers are also sick of the way the show is going.

Had to rewatch the last episode on Netflix. Loved the Sasha scene and the Tiger pounce! I’m gearing up for Seasom 8!

Confession. While Negan is terrible, I really enjoy this actor. He plays the part so well, it’s a love/hate relationship for me.