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Victor Protecting

Victor protected Adam all these years from driving the vechile drunk years ago.

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When cliff died adam was about christians age so how was he driving drunk ?

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Couldnt remember Adam’s age; so dunk that one! Lol

Maybe i got it wrong but didnot cliff die then hope adam came to gc for a bit but hope left after she got robbed adam was about christians age 4 or 5 she went back to farm

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NIKI KILLED someone when she was young stated in another post. Ok we just have to wait n hope it dont take a long time to figure out!

it was here dad at one point and I think her friend who was a boy

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LOL I love it!! :joy::joy:


I couldnt remember how old Adam was t the time. However, Victor didnt do it but Knows about it n protecting someone for some reason.

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Cliff died in 1996
Adam was born in 1995

Could Victor be protecting Douglas?
At one point Douglas went to Kansas to persuade Hope to come back to GC on Victors behalf. He was a close friend to Victor and probably would’ve done anything for help a friend.

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Golly U know it could be I cant remember if Douglass drank a lot n really I am trying to remember that whole scenario back then. Been watching this 1973 n I am getting up there with Victor’s age now. Not quite but close lol. Trying to remember the circumstances of it all

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Douglas is dead so why would he need protecting? His honor / name maybe

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DONT KNOW but here is what I just found on line. PLUS I read Cliff was on a tractor n died.
This what I just found, so we all R Going to have to wait. Lol

1996, Cliff died in a tractor accident. Victor went to visit him in the hospital.
1996 when Victor Newman returned to Kansas to spend time with Adam, who was being raised by Cliff and Hope Wilson…

Nikki and Victor are preparing where to go next regarding the current drama in their lives. Years ago, Cliff made it clear how he wanted to handle the topic of Adam’s paternity. Victor had survived a gunshot from Mary Jo Mason and began to look back on his life. He’d found peace before at the farm in Kansas and left Genoa City to visit Hope and his son Adam, who’d been adopted by her new husband Cliff – hence Adam’s last name ‘Wilson’ before making the change as an adult to Newman.

Victor spent a lot of time with Adam. Hope and Cliff witnessed their growing bond, leaving Cliff to make a decision on whether or not to tell Adam that Victor was in fact his biological father. After spending a few more days on the farm, Victor returned home but soon rushed back to Kansas to be there for Hope and Adam after Cliff was killed by a drunk driver.


NOW, maybe The regret from Victor was He didnt insist that Hope tell Adam he was real father, so Adam n Victor might been closer. Got me fans. I am just throwing it out there. NOW, wondering if Victor is or isnt protecting anyone!

Oh yeah… :grimacing:

Maybe just his own involvement or yes a friends reputation

I dunno …

Cliff died when he was hit by a drunk driver… I dunno where the tractor fits in.

He had a tractor accident and hope returned to the farm to help him


Hope was going to tell adam the truth but then she found out victor married diane and he didnot tell her anything she she decided victor hadnot change and chose not to tell adam
I think its diane

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Thanks for posting that info. I have a feeling we need more info to figure out this mystery lol.

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I didn’t watch the show back then so I’m just trying to piece this all together in my pea brain. At the beginning of your post, you stated that Cliff died in a tractor accident. At the end of your post you stated that Cliff was killed by a drunk driver. I’m a bit confused.