User blocking is back

Darnit! All of my evil plans have laid to waste!

BTW- I really need to proof read, that was terrible. I don’t even know if you can see this I am testing to see if you can see me when I reply.


Wait, huh?? I didn’t know there was a difference between admins and mods. What a dork I am.

So is it mods are the police only and admins run the board (tech-wise) and chief of police?

Anyone know? (since Chrissy has blocked me lol)

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Thank you for fighting for it!

I have used it and it works like a charm! :heart:

As said above, there are a few that border on angry, argumentative, combative, defensive, and obsessed. I come here for information and to have fun not to argue and be told repeatedly that my opinion is wrong and theirs is right. I’m sick of getting caught up in their drama.

When you-block someone it shows there is a hidden reply. And if someone quotes someone that you have blocked it shows a quote with the person’s name but it doesn’t show the text. You do have the option of revealing the hidden reply or the quoted text just by clicking on the “hidden reply” or the quoted text box.

EDIT: can someone tell me why you can’t use the word “you” and “block” directly next to each other? Whenever I do I get a message telling me that “U” “block” is not allowed

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no you answered honestly and I appreciate that
and I will email them

would like to state some opinions some suggestions for possible guideline changes

I am sure that you are very busy and I can see why unable to read so many threads part of the problem (my ongoing hatred) I was off board for about 1/2 hour come back there are probably 25 threads looking over them repeat repeat repeat of same topics
adam…his return has about 10 threads
summer/kyle/lola probably 20 or more on same topic


:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Here! Had to knock-over :female_detective: er run to the bank

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Thanks Acadia!

Here is the FAQ for that.

I can see you on that account again. I logged out of it but not before I set it back to normal. Oh gosh never worry about proofreading in a message board! Where’s the fun in that?!

Yeah technically I’m the only admin though I do share my admin account with two others who can make changes in the event that I’m on holiday or whatever.

The mods - the police. Lol

I’ll add that info.

I can check into u and block.

Oh my goodness I know. They keep cropping up and this morning one of the mods went in and took care of a few. It should die down soon.

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WOW WOW WOW thank you so much I do see several threads closed off My thought was add a note / merging this thread into this other thread as they are same topic I know I saw it on the Days of our lives section


Oh I saw some locked threads and they seemed tame so I was wondering why they locked them. Probably cuz too many of the same???

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I joined because of your posts on Twitter. You’re way cool.:v:


I think some of them concerned a mod since they were almost bashy.

Wow no way, Rikki! So sweet! I’m certainly glad to have you on here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Chrissy what is your name on twitter? Can I ask that LOL.

Actually I probably should not have asked that. Duhhh…sorry.

I post some on @soapoperafan though I have Lori Wilson (our junior editor and writer) there from 12:30 -4:30 Mondays through Fridays. I also use @sheknowsdool lol while I recap just so I can rant or rave. I’ll be glad to follow anyone at all - just need to go on there and send a note and I’ll do that. I try to follow as many fans as I can. Time is a factor so I don’t get to follow all.

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Oh ok thanks :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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FYI- on the subject of combining threads…

When you’ve posted on a thread that has been merged you get a notification.

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I think I answered my own question. There is an ad-blocker by that name. So I guess the site doesn’t want people to promote ad-blockers.

But the board is misinterpreting the word Y O U for the letter U.

Yep, that is definitely the reason. You can’t use the word ad and blocker directly next to each other either.

Seems legit!

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Am I blocked? Unblocked? Unblockable???

Unblocked! But blockable. Not that I would!!

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Thank You! I wasn’t sure. Unblockable is NOT Lunky’s Soap Opera Super Power :blush:

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