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Um, where are the spoilers?

I don’t know what has been going on with this website but it just seems that lately it’s been lagging in presenting spoilers for the following week.


Yes, it was been getting later and later. MAYBE to keep us coming back to look? I am really tired of it.

FYI Also look for QueenSteph as she is great with posting spoilers and such. I started looking for her stuff.

Y&R spoilers up since Friday!

@amyclanahan and @SillieGirl , a week ago I put up the daily spoilers for the week of July 26-30. QueenSteph has since put up the daily spoilers for the week of August 2-6.

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I could never understand why people want to know what’s going to happen ahead of time.

Yes, I follow your stuff as well. I look for your and QueenSteph post. There aren’t many that I follow because they were not accurate but the two of you have been spot on!! I appreciate you getting back to me. :hugs: