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Truth teller Spinelli

I love that even knowing the outcome of his answers to Maxi, he still can’t seem to lie. What a rare character quality in Soapland.


Spinelli loves Maxie too much to lie to her. I don’t doubt that Peter love her but he isn’t man enough to come clean with her.


Yep and maybe when Robert takes out Peter he can be there to pick up the pieces


Right now I would love it If Valentine and Robert together took Peter down. They both need to be redeemed. To the sexiest men on GH.

Spinelli annoys me such a little weasel

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Spinelli needs to make it 100 percent clear to Maxie (as he did when he originally took custody of Georgie) that he will not allow Peter anywhere near Georgie. As long as shes aware that her being with Peter may cause her not to have as much of a relationship with her daughter and she can live with that. I want Spinelli to be her soft place when this all comes out.

He can be annoying but I love the little weasel.


I really like Spinelli…
If only…he would just let things blow up on Maxie’s face…since she doesn’t believe in his ability to tell the truth about Peter…


He would never use Georgie that way. Without proof that Heinrich is a beast, no court will just hand over full custody without visitation. Spin already has full custody. The worst he could do now is supervised visitation.

Why does val need to take down peter he loves him
If val wants to be redeemed
Let him tell peter the truth about alex and anna


Does Val love him or does he just feel guilty for giving him to Faison?

Seems like he loves him
Even after hearding peter isnot annas val still wants to protect him
I hope they are brothers or val is his father

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I didn’t think about that. Val and Alex could be Peter’s parents!!


Isnot that marker peter has part of vals disease?

Does Val have arthritis? But then remember, that when Griffin completed dna(?) on Peter, it revealed that he had the genetic marker for Huntington’s Disease, like Papa Faison. So, I trust Griffin I like Brad. Unless, GH writers are rewriting history as they have been known to do? I’m just ready(been ready) for Peter to be gone. I don’t know who came up with the idea of Maxie proposing to Peter? Maxie going to end up in a psychiatric facility when she finds out about Peter. And she’s pregnant by that miscreant(that’s Edward Q’s word).

I hope that Dante, Robert and Spinelli will take Peter down…He’s not good for Maxie at all. Plus I don’t think Peter is Anna’s son…I think he’s Alexis son…

Maybe i remember wrong cant remember if he has the marker
But if he does and and val is his father makes sense if faison is vals father

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That’s why Peter was worried that he and Maxie’s baby would inherit the marker for Huntington’s.

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Okay you’re all screwing with my mind right now. What disease does Val have that Peter could have a marker for?. And where did we get started on Val and Anna being Peter’s parents.? I’m confused

Alex did sleep with val
We dont know who vals father is
I forgot what the disease was called that he has but it had him deformed and he had to get multiple surgeries he even stated he had charlotte tested as well for it