True Chemistry

With all the talk about who has chemistry and who doesn’t I thought it would be fun to start a topic on just that…Who do you think has the best chemistry and the worst (feel free to include soaps other than AMC if you like)…

My list for true chemisty: Tad and Dixie; Greens and Leo; Kendall and Zach; Jesse and Angie; Erica and Jack (even back when I wasn’t a fan because he came between Erica and Travis and I really think she had her best chemistry with Dimitari)
No Chemistry: Ryan and Greenlee; JR and Marissa; Colby and anyone… I’m sure I’ll think of more but it’s a start…

Of course Tad and dixie, but Tad and Crystal were fun… I love “tad’s” sense of humor!! And they arent a couple, but Jake an tad are halarious together!!!

Zach and Kendal had it big time…

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jr and annie

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Yes, JR and Annie did have Chemistry, but so did JR and Babe who was Alexa Havens. Jody

Angie and Jesse has the best chemistry I have ever seen.

Yes> Jr and Annie Hot Hot Hot!!! I loved Adam and Krystal, Philip and Tara, Nina and Cliff, Jenny and Gregg, Stuart and Cindy…
As for enemies>> Kitty and Erica
OMG I hated Billy Clyde Tuttel every time they brought that idiot back, I just died…
The most scary awful thing was when Mary 9 months pregnant was shot 5 times by the men who escaped from prison. Tad was around 9 years old at her door…Wow that still gets me…

Zach-Kendall,Tad-Dixie,Jesse-Angie,and Jack and Erica are the top ones for me.

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you can add to the list david hayward and anna devane edmund grey and maria grey or even alex devane

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Tad & Krystal with a K - horrible match. The only time I could stomach her was when she & Adam were together.