Troubles with Spot/Discourse? Read this

Hey everyone,

There are a few posters having issues seeing the message boards on some of their devices. They’re also having issues seeing the comment sections underneath recaps/news. We’ve troubleshot this issue this past week and came up with a reason and solution.

Spot.IM and Discourse message boards officially support iOS 10.3, and all those using the older versions will have issues. So any time posters are having trouble, we’re now suggesting that they update to the most recent iOS version (at least 10.3 or higher). Also, the “Unable to load connectivity issue” problem that happens when some try to use Spot.IM in the comments under recaps happens only when the person’s network connection isn’t that fast. It’s usually due to low internet accessibility.

If you do not want to update your iOS then I can only suggest that downloading a free copy of Google Chrome as a browser might work as it has for a few. Safari has worked for one or two.

This issue is officially closed.

We do have a few outstanding issues on Spot that are still being dealt with though several of the preliminary problems have been fixed:

Newsfeed blinking
New comment indicator
Spot holding posts with so-called profanity such as ‘stupid, dumb’ which are not in our censor list. If your post is being held, 9 times out of 10 it is because Spot is holding it for that reason and we are manually approving those.

Thank you for your patience!


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