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Trip Suggestions (Las Vegas, Atlanta, Birmingham, & New Orleans)

Hey everybody. I just discovered this section of the board after about 2 years of being on it Lol…

I am visiting Vegas, ATL, Birmingham AL, & NOLA this holiday season.

I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions of places to eat or activities?

In Vegas I’ve already purchased tickets to the blue man group, “All Shook Up” (an Elvis concert), Chippendales Lol, O! Circa De Soleil, a comedy club, & the VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub. I’m considering riding on the high roller or doing a helicopter tour of the strip. If you’ve ever done any of these, I would love to hear about your experience with them.

I’ve eaten at Hell’s Kitchen and really loved it when I was there last time. I also tried the Bacchanal Buffet last time but wasn’t super impressed with the quality (they had a large quantity though lol).

I’ll be there Dec 15-21.

Then I’ll be in ATL on Dec 22. I’m visiting my hometown in GA but I’ll spend that Sunday in ATL.

On the 28th I’m leaving GA to visit a friend in Birmingham Alabama. He’ll be picking me up from GA.

Then I’m taking a train to New Orleans on the 30th until January 2.

Then I’m taking a train back to St Louis MO haha.

So I have a pretty big trip. If anybody has suggestions for any of these areas. Food or entertainment, I would love to hear them!