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Todays episode smh

outside of nelle/carly storyline todays episode is total garbage
just the 4 hyenas trashing nelle and willow being painted as a saint and as wileys mother
nina and jax stroking each others egos


I am confused about young Carly, leaving her mothers house. Did her friend Carly already die, and did she already have the afair with her friends father.
OK…just say the previews…the necklace in Nelles box looked gold.....Ninas looked silver to me???

i dont think her friend had died yet i dont think they had the affair yet
nina is nelles mother its about to go to
forget nina
i wonder if val will be nelles jason
they had carly saying she felt sorry for nelle because she didnot have a jason in her life something like that

But she left with her suitcase, like she was leaving town.

By the way, what does “smh” mean?

Wasnot she going to go find her mother

Shaking my head

Oh, thank you, ann_monique. I’m old and have a hard time with all the different letters, even when they’re referring to a character. :rofl:

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Willow and Michael are boring, please don’t put them together. Can we stop hearing about Wiley now, Expand these people lives to other storylines


Right…get on with the custody hearing…let the judge make his/her final ruling…geeze…let’s quit dragging this out…
Ive already had to replace my FF button twice :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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Seriously, I am done with the whole storyline with “Willow will marry Michael because she has such a clean background compared to Shasha …” It’s total BS! Willow had sex with her mom’s boyfriend and was part of a weird cult.

Maybe not fraud, but definitely not normal. Plus, the constant angst with Michael makes the dude a MAJOR limp noodle in my book. Beta male all the way. No wonder Nelle doesn’t want him. And as far as Sasha, well … maybe she’s down for either being Michael’s mommy or dominatrix … one or the other.

The whole storyline is just so infuriating!

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all ive seen seeing is nelle is the devil and willow is a saint
the chosen one a great person she loves wiley with every ounce of her goodness