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To me Nicole burned Sammie with he parting comments!

And she did it in front of EJ.

Sammie is digging her own grave why poke a bear she should have just let this one go.

Come on a Eric the woman was literally raising her own child that you basically claimed and financially responsible for your niece and Grand nephew who by the way is Sammies daughter and grand son.

EJ is no fool he is already suspicious of Sammie and he will notice a million dollar is missing. Does Sammy have her own money? Surprised she can withdraw that much money.


Best line of the day:
Sami: thou shall not commit adultery
Nicole: oh, you are quoting the Bible now? Well, here is one for you, let the woman without sin cast the first stone!


Somehow, though, I think Nicole is going to take the high road. Otherwise, she could have just outed Sami right there in front of EJ. Unless she needs to sit and stew for awhile to come up with a plan (and maybe team up with Lucas because he obviously wants to expose Sami for his own reasons)

I don’t think Nicole has anything solid on Sami & Lucas, which is why she is probably waiting. As far as EJ, I do think he knows Sami is up to something, but still can’t figure it out. The one million will eventually come up missing and my gut tells me Sami will tell her hubby that she gave it to Lucas.

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Odd how fast Sami easily came up with a million dollars for Xander but wasn’t willing to buy that vintage necklace she so adored when she saw it in a little shop in Tuscany.


The old Nicole will be unleashed after this and she will go after Sami with a vengeance, she won’t be taking any high road when it come to Sami.


Also Sammie just don’t seem that into auditing she seems more nerdy comedy after all that time with Lucas. Nicole has the I’m a B—— look that she gave Sammy like AS but she can’t pull that off.

Side Note*

I wonder when Roman tell Abe the story (he tells Abe everything) if Abe will hive it away that Nicole told him she cheated. He just don’t know with who.

Maybe the mil is the cash she stole from Dimera and gave to Belle to hold for her? Or has that been addressed already? Maybe I missed that.

I am sure that EJ knows something is up but he can’t quite put his finger on it. That is ok, he is going to know soon and it is going to be glorious!

EJ can’t possibly not understantnwhat Nicole meant! She said ‘she’ and the biblical stone is adultery! Bought time Sami gets her comeuppance!

Today was the day and it was glorious! EJ losing it and yelling for Kristen’s new number was great. Now we just have to wait until Aug. 9th for the Fall out! It is going to be a long two weeks!

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Yes great cliff hanger. I was not digging the new EJ, but after yesterdays he is doing great.

Loved it! If I was Nicole, I’d have told EJ right to his face in front of Sami that she was doing the same thing!

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