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Thursday's GH recap: Ava and Nik surprise each other

nina was wearing her half heart necklace
carly told jason she feels like shes suppose to remember something

I loved those Nikolas and Ava scenes, the dialogue was amazing. You can tell Ava feels the same, but is scared to give her heart to him. I hope Nikolas convinces her to give them a chance. I love the two actors chemistry together. The actor that plays Nik holds his own with Maura West and I love it!

:full_moon_with_face::clinking_glasses:…They were amazing all around…:full_moon_with_face::clinking_glasses:

I agree. When Marcus first showed up as Nik it was his acting that impressed me. Then I quickly decided he was very handsome and charming :grinning: I think he and Maura have chemistry with a lot of people, but together, Wow!

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