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Thursday April 9: The latest B&B ratings are in

The latest B&B, Days, GH and Y&R ratings are in…

Monday: 2.39/3,321,000 quins confession
Tuesday: 2.50/3,461,000 ridge goes to shaunas to stop her
Wednesday: 2.52/3,440,000 bill moves out
Thursday: 2.50/3,442,000 zoe flo sally wyatt dr
Friday: 1.77/2,445,000 (repeat) steam wedding

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so basely it was repeat fridays that cause the biggest drop but there is one thing that makes me smiles, the day that had the most viewers was bill moving out!
proof the polls be damned!

These ratings are a significant increase from the Hope / Liam / Thomas / Douglas story line which only goes to prove that when the grown ups are given a decent story line and a chance to shine on screen the viewers come back. The LOPE Love Story sucks and the previous ratings showed that clearly. Even Bell must be able to see the truth.


Pepple love to say how popular steam steffy and liam are
And how they carry the show and how the show uses them to promote bb
U would think the ratings of their wedding would be higer lol

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Lope beating Thomas and having their little wedding gave record high ratings. So did the baby Beth reveal. There were articles about it.

Lope happiness=higher ratings, Lope angst/threats=lower ratings. That’s the pattern I’ve seen.

2.3, not surprising.

to be honest i only watch after thomas was exposed to see what he would do they never showed him

I watched to see him get exposed and to see Lope the next few days.

I wasn’t watching during the time of Thomas using Douglas to manipulate Hope, with his various stunts, for example, the sex with Zoe.

I only tuned back in once I read the spoilers that Hope was going to expose him.