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Thomas's "new hair style"

No more “man bun”…ok, well then, just let your hair down Thomas! :slight_smile:


I love his long hair.


Looks great! He has a face and good looks that can wear anything!


Hate man buns almost as much as I hate distressed jeans. At least I don’t see many of them on this show. Thomas’ long hair looks quite charming on him.:slightly_smiling_face:


Me too!!

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Can’t stand the old “dork knob” besides, he’s got a face that can pull off long hair so LET IT FREE THOMAS - LET IT FREE :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Oh thank heavens! He looks amazing and had a million dollar smile to go with it. Keep that hairstyle. Makes him look sexy as h***.

This is referring to his new cut hairstyle.

Guess I am old fashioned but I hate long hair on men. He looks so sloppy and please shave. Don’t know why men nowadays like fuzz on their face.


Love his man bun!

I’m with you on this, if I could stick a pair of scissors through the tv I would cut it off…lol

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Man bun looked ok if that’s what you like

His long, stringy hair looks oily and messy IMHO

Get a damn haircut for crying out loud!!!

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Thank you. They all look like hoboes who can’t afford to buy a blade for their razor.

Long hair, short hair, buzz cut, man bun, bald. The dude is hot.


I’ve got to agree. NO MORE MANBUN!!! I’ve had long hair since the 70s and I wouldn’t be caught dead with a manbun. That’s the mot stupid looking hairstyle for men ever. A ponytail is fine but never a manbun.

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Agree–the man bun is so awful. I also hate his long hair–I saw on instagram or somewhere that he cut it short and it looks SO much better!

Like this post a lot Angryvillager…man buns and distressed jeans, I hate them too. :grin:

Thanks! Glad someone agrees with me. Can you believe that people pay $200 or more for distressed jeans? I just think they’re tacky & should have gone out of style by now. I don’t mind ponytails or hair pulled back, just can’t stand hair buns on anyone.

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