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This Is Us

I love the show, but this week, Rebecca and Miguel were talking about a friend of theirs who had twins and had named the twins Eloise and Plaza. Miguel then said “terrible names”. MY name is Eloise and even though I never cared for that name, a lot of people like it. But I was very disappointed hearing Miguel call it a terrible name because I have relatives and friends who watch this show. I, myself, turned a number of people on to this show, but to hear my name mentioned as a “terrible” name was completely embarrassing to me.

I love the show as well-- and I agree they do put their foot in their mouth on occasion with some of their lines-

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I cant wait for This is Us to come back on… such a great show…

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I love this show. Maybe it’s all the Pittsburgh connections or maybe it’s the writing or all of it. Just amazing.

Also, I will say that I love the name Eloise, so Miguel can go fly a kite.

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