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This Is Us

I love this show and hope it continues to do well.

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I agree, this is a wonderful show. I love the characters and the actors, so NBC will probably cancel it, idiots that they are. haha

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I’ve wondered how Randall came to know who his parents were. He was left at the fire station, not handed over. The firefighter who found him and took him to the hospital says he was the one who found the abandoned baby. There’s basically no information about Randall from the start.

Yet on his 36th birthday, Randall gets an email from the investigators he hired to find his biological father.

I wonder if Randall’s bio dad William waited around (at a distance) for someone to find the baby. Maybe he even followed them to the hospital and saw Randall leave with Jack & Rebecca a short time later.

Did William show up at the Pearson’s home in later years, identifying himself? At some point, they told William about it and that’s how he got the name of his father?

I don’t see how he could have gotten that information out of thin air. Just wondering. :slight_smile:

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Well I guess I had the right idea about William having some early contact with Jack and Rebecca and tonight I found out it was just with Rebecca. William and Rebecca came to some agreement (after she found him) that he must never come back into Randall’s life. So the question still remains, how did Randall or the agency he hired to find his biological father, ever come across William?

I forget what was said in present time, but I think who ever mentioned Jack didn’t do so in past tense.

In the flashbacks, Jack and Rebecca finally talk about the baby they lost but never mentioned anything about a funeral for the baby.

I think Kate and Toby make a great couple and no, he didn’t act anything like Insane Elaine (I wish they had showed her face). Kevin hiding in his closet from this woman was hilarious.

I truly love the show also. I love the relationship between Kevin and Kate. Even though he is a star, he isn’t ashamed of Kate and her size. He wants her to go everywhere with him. That says so much for him as a person, PERIOD, and more so since he IS a tv star. I love their connection as twins. Not only did Kate talk about each other feeling the other’s pain, we saw her feel Kevin’s pain in the last episode. This usually happens more often in identical twins, but also in fraternal twins.

I know Randall had to have felt left out as a child especially growing up and not only being different but not having that “connection” to his sibblings but at least he was in a good, loving home. And, obviously, it continues on as the mom and step dad go to visit him and the grandchildren. I think that is SO great!

Jack is alive, not sure what’s up yet, but he is around. We will see, hopefully soon.

This is such a great, realistic, feel good show, with sad moments of course. Please keep it on, you idiots at NBC.

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Kevin is co-dependent. I didn’t know how much he relied on his sister until the last episode. It will be interesting to see how each of them react/behave without being within an arms reach of each other.

It’s understandable that Rebecca wouldn’t want William to be in Randall’s life. After all, he did abandon his son. But Randall didn’t tell his mom he was searching for his father either. Maybe if he had, she would have come clean about meeting William.

I am enjoying this show, except for the annoying music. There was a critical scene and the vocals of the music were so loud I couldn’t make out the dialogue. Other than that, the acting is great and also the story itself. I wonder why Rebecca did not tell Randal after he was an adult, that she knew where his father was and had met with him. I’m not clear on whether she ever told Jack she had met with Randal’s bio father. And when Rebecca came to visit Randal and his family, who was the new husband and when was he brought into the story. I’m sure I saw all of the episodes but must have missed the breakup of Jack and Rebecca. For me stories that constantly jump from past to present become confusing.

i am just GUESSING that maybe Rebecca didn’t want Randall to know that his parents had been junkies,and after the mom died I think William realized he couldn’t possibly take care of the baby. He had nothing at all.and was all alone too, but of course that is just speculation on my part. I don’t think she told Jack about meeting him. Her new husband was Jack’s old friend in the bar way back that kept telling him he needed to go home to his wife and family, that he didn’t realize what he had or something to that effect, of course Jack didn’t. Obviously, when they split, his friend DID realize it and grabbed on to it. I think he and Jack worked together. I saw the actors who play Jack and Rebecca on a talk show and they said that they will get around to telling about the break up pretty soon, so we will find out at least.

I don’t think Kevin is co-dependent d00lfan, I just think they are extremely close and he didn’t realize how their closeness was affecting her life until the last episode. But saying he is co-dependent makes him sound too needy and desperate and I don’t think he is. They BOTH are just very, very close to each other.

Rebecca’s new husband is Jack’s friend. They were drinking at a bar when Jack was saying something/complaining about his marriage. His friend told him to appreciate what he had with Rebecca. I forgot the friend’s name though.

Well Kevin (Justin Hartley) is heading to New York, maybe he’ll stop by Y & R while he’s at it. :smiley:

That’s what I said d00l1fan, lol…his name is Miguel. pfttttt. FYI, ignore us everyone else, we know each other so not being rude, just “This is US” lol.

WOOHOO I wish!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I already said that d00l1 fan, duh, lol and his name is Miguel…FYI, everyone ignore us, we know each other so “This is US” haha

Thank you dool1fan, I either missed that part of the story or dozed off.

Even though I like this show, I’m not sure I’ll stick with it. All this jumping back and forth from past to present is too much work. Maybe I’m too old school. I remember when a story was told from beginning to end. Sometimes they would start at the end and then take the viewer back to the beginning, but this style of story telling seems unnecessary. Plus, the music is often distracting and doesn’t add to the mood of the scenes. I’m giving it one more try.

I think Kevin wanted Kate to go everywhere with him because he was afraid to do anything on his own. He begged her to go to the party with him to boost his courage. He relies on her for all decisions and situations. It does seem like the first decision he made on his own was to stick to his guns and quit, deciding to go to NY. When he finally realized he was holding Kate back from the possibility of a life of her own, he manned up and told her he could go to NY alone. Sounds like he’s growing up. I hope so because I wanted to slap him.

I think the back and forth is what makes the show, in it’s way, appealing. I try to catch those 'Aha" moments before the show reveals it, but I fail every time. Then when they reveal it, I feel like I should’ve known. :blush: Well, I hope you will grow to like it, and I think Insane Elaine slapped Kevin for you…lol…he did have a bloody lip when he was hiding in his closet…lol

Well, after the last episode I think we can pretty much see why Kevin is the way he is. The parents are so concerned about Kate’s weight and Randall being “different” from the rest of the family and trying to deal with those things, that they tend to think that Kevin is normal and fine. He is not, he is ignored, not only in his mind but to the point of almost drowning. Not because the parents are bad, they are just overwhelmed. He sees them worrying more about Randall, which I think is one reason he isn’t close to Randall and is a bad brother to him, of course at that age he is jealous. Between this and the fact that Kate is his twin, I still defend him, thinking that he did not realize ho much he was holding Kate back and both of them have talked about how close they are. When you feel each other’s physical pain that says a a lot to me anyway.

I felt bad for Kate when Toby did a bait and switch move. When Kate decides to watch the game at home, alone, Toby invites her to his football party with her thinking that it would just be the two of them. I thought it was such a nice gesture even though Kate had insisted she wanted to watch it alone. So what the hell was Toby thinking when he invited his friend? I’d be pissed too.

Last week Toby said his ex-wife was mean to him. I was hoping it wasn’t because of his size as in he may have gained a lot of weight throughout their marriage, but I don’t remember how long they were married. Anyway, now I wonder if their divorce has something to with how overbearing he can be at times. I like that he is into Kate and can be romantic and unapologetic about it. Then there are times where his behavior comes across as a little controlling. Am I the only one who sees this?

But it was especially disappointing when we find out why Kate wanted to watch the game by herself. It’s because she and her dad used to watch the game together every week.

After Toby says he wants to meet Kate’s dad someday, she introduces him, sort of…by way of an urn. And now we know about Jack. We don’t know how it happened or when it happened, but we know he died. I was hoping that this wouldn’t be the case. :cry:

I thought Kevin did a pretty good job of explaining “death” to the girls. Personally, I think I would have left it up their parents to explain but he made it a little less scary as I would think this topic would be for children.

OMG, tonight was extra touching to me. I hate knowing that Jack is dead. He was such a great dad (and husband, I think). He was just so good with all of the kids, Kevin always seems to draw the short stick but still he tried his best to be fair and spend as much time as possible with all of them.

Poor Randall, he wanted to impress his kids and the other kids at career day, but it just didn’t work. Jack was so great at talking to him as a child and convincing him it was good to be different and use his brain instead of playing like he didn’t know as much so he would be liked better.

Then poor Kevin, he really gets to feel sadness, sympathy and gets the girl and she is a bit@h! His head is reeling.

And then Kate, I hated finding out that she had a bad relationship with her mom and especially the reason for it. I think that reason is something the mom should fix or be able to fix, especially after all these years, but maybe not. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: