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This is like general Wylie Hospital

His name must have been mentioned 100 times an episode. But got a feeling after this SL Wylie will be seen every other month and then disappear to boarding school.

Don’t see Michael being a father on the show.


Well it is better than the mob like so many people complain about

You’re probably right about the boarding school. He will then return in a couple of years fully grown and wreak havoc in PC.

I’ll take the mob any day .


Yea it’s to much baby drama.



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It is so irritating to hear Michael and Sasha keep saying Willow is Wiley’s mother. She wasn’t even around him that much until the last few weeks and to Wiley she was the babysitter. Enough already.

Odd they doesn’t even have Lucas in these SL’s scenes. Does he even know Sasha?

Did we even get a scene with him and Michael? The last time we saw hi. He being mean to Felix and Liz in the hospital. Heck we even saw Felix since then.

My governor has interrupted every day so I haven’t seen this show at all. Only Days. My mom told me about the Jason/Sam episode so all I could think is yeah I missed it! I do wanna see the other stuff so I guess I need to figure out how to do on tablet. I love Nelle!

This is how it was when Michael was born, just about every single story was mixed up with Michael and this went on for years, and still does. They’re just regurgitating it all now to keep Carly and Sonny in storylines.

It is just too much…those babies are adorable but I am so tired of hearing the name Wiley.

My sentiments EXACTLY!!! Remember how she used to CRY A RIVER over NOT being able to be around Wiley… it was just recently when suddenly she was around the kid. So spare me the propaganda that Willow is the only Mother figure Wiley has ever had blah blah blah.

I agree with everyone that the Wylie story line has gotten way too much attention to the point of being ridiculous as it is now. But I do think that Willow is the only mother figure Wylie has ever known. He has been with Bobbie quite a lot but she is in the role of grandmother, not mother. I think even young children can tell the difference between a grandparent and a parent. Carly has babysat with Wylie very little and Nelle has never acted as Wylie’s mother. So that leaves Willow. She has from a very early time been around Wylie. In fact, ever since Lucas became aware that Willow was Wylie’s birth mother (erroneously, of course) he had advocated for Willow to be present in his life, particularly after she went to jail rather than reveal who Wylie’s adoptive parents were.

While I don’t take issue with two males adopting a child I do believe that a child needs a woman in their life as well. I feel the same about two females adopting a child because I think both sexes have a role to play in a child’s upbringing. This is also true of heterosexual couples who have a child and one parent leaves. This isn’t a moral or political judgement on my part, just the facts as I see them. So, Willow is important in Wylie’s life and I understand why Michael would want her to remain. I just don’t think they need to marry to accomplish the same goal.

So odd. They are I. The hospital every episode and Lucas hasn’t walked by or been in any conversations. He was the. One that raised Wylie for over a year.

After that mini scene we got from Lucas, Felix and Liz got a feeling next time we see Lucas he will be in a full blown relationship with Felix that happened off camera. I remember Felix telling Albrecht him and Donny broke up.

Our governor has interrupted every day then too. If you tape, I would check with local station, they may have it on at 1pm in the morning. That’s what they did here. Happened to wake up & GH was on. Also Hulu has it.

I want them to show a picture of Wile E. Coyote every time they mention that kid’s stupid name. At least that would be worth a laugh. I really hate that kid’s name. If Nelle gets custody & changes his name, I will never say a mean thing about her again. Just kidding😀


Why don’t you watch it on DailyMotion? I’m sure most of us have the Governor thing…I watch every other day on DailyMotion. Not the most ideal video, but I’m used to it by now.

I wish they would change his name to Jonah since that actually is his name.

Me too.

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That name is on a tombstone .