They robbed us!

Of a Quinn/Donna show-down! Instead, Quinn and Eric just kissed their relationship good-bye, and Quinn ran off to rescue Carter. How uneventful. I was looking forward to some fireworks!


Only the head of the coven gets to blast their own. In this case the Brookester will be delighted for this win over Quinn. Get ready for her to taunt Quinn that she were right that Eric should divorce her.


She doesn’t care anymore what Brooke thinks. She’s in love!


I wanted Quinn to get her say. She was ripped apart, tossed out and taunted for her cheating. Eric gets off so easily. Just “you fell in love with Carter, go get him”. No fuss. He can walk away with everything and a another woman.

Huge letdown. They could have let us have a big reveal, a huge confrontation and THEN have Quinn rush off.

The cheater got away with it.


Not only did he get away with it but he blamed Quinn, “ you fell in love with Carter,” nothing about him being the catalyst for it all.
Disgusting pig!


I totally agree with this!! Way to go writers, just let Eric off scott-free AND have him get away with blaming Quinn!


I know this is a very unpopular opinion, but I really enjoyed today’s episode. I know Eric couldn’t have sex with Quinn and that is hurtful, but that is not as excuse to cheat in my opinion. You try to work it out or you leave.

Eric couldn’t trust Quinn and was never able to get the spark back. That is no excuse to cheat. Same applies for him, you try to work it out or you leave.

Both Quinn and Eric destroyed their marriage, but if you have someone that you can run to and profess your love to and be happy with that is not your significant other than you really don’t have a marriage. Quinn had that in Carter and Eric with Donna.

I loved the acting in the scenes and I like that through the hurt between both of them could end in a caring way. I wasn’t crazy about Quinn being with Carter but after seeing her admit that she has been in love with him this whole time I am excited to see her go to him and get her man.


Will she get there in time?

The show was good for a change. For once, Eric and Quinn were honest with each other and admitted what they both had known for some time—they were no longer in love.
Hope both can be graceful—quick divorce and happy new marriages with their true loves.


I’m surprised that Quinn didn’t bring up the ED situation. He lied to her. I guess it’s water under the bridge now. Run Quinn, run!

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I’m mad Lynn…
Did you hear Eric tell Quinn he was going to tell her of his affair tonight? Long after Carter had married Paris! WTH was that?
If she hadn’t of caught his sleazy butt she wouldn’t have had a chance with Carter at all. I’m horrified.


Glad you mentioned this. That means Eric telling Quinn to go stop the wedding was a bit disingenuous, just because he got caught red-handed. That was a part of him blaming Quinn.


Yes what a let down :rage:


I didn’t think of that . Good point!

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Eric could not trust Quinn but Quinn has been nothing but faithful to Eric decided that it was not a good idea for Quarter to be having sex. Eric starts having sex with Donna but yet he says that Quinn was the one that could not be trusted.

I am so disappointed by how civil it all went down. Eric using the fact that Quinn still loved Carter as an excuse for his cheating with Donna but yet the man was going to let Carter marry Paris but he was going to tell Quinn after Carter was married that they were over.

If Carter is married to Paris by the time that Quinn arrives I hope that we get to see a different side of Quinn because she will then feel that Eric held back until after Carter was married.

I also don´t understand why Quinn would give Eric back her wedding ring. Yes she said that she was going to keep her engagement ring but surely after over 5 years of marriage she would be entitled to keep her rings.

I do hope that it is not an instantaneous divorce. I hope that they have to wait the 6 months that Liam and Steffy had to wait the first time that they divorced. Please no annulment. This program makes a farce out of annulments. There is just no way Liam should have been able to get an annulment when Steffy was pregnant with Kelly and there is no way Eric should be getting an annulment or that the previous agreement to divorce should still be valid since the papers were destroyed and not filed.


I really do like Quinn, but in all fairness she hasn’t been very trustworthy. She cheated on Eric with his son and then Carter.

Eric has shown that he has not been trustworthy either. They were good for a while, one of the longest marriages on B&B, but they aren’t really in love anymore.


I was hoping Quinn wouldn’t have a reaction. I wanted her to simply say she didn’t have to worry about him or his health any longer. Tossed her ring on the bed and walk out.


Eric lied to Quinn saying he couldn’t have sex with her based on his lack of trust for what she did to Perfect Brooke and her marriage to Ridge when in reality it was his ED which kept him from having sex with her. He should have let the divorce go through instead he asked her to come back and then told her the truth. I blame Eric and only Eric for the destruction of his marriage to Quinn.


Yes Quinn did have a little fling with Ridge but she did not sleep with him and she was faithful to the old goat until he was pushing her away over and over. Quinn did not set out to have an affair with Carter but because of Eric´s treatment and his constantly putting Brooke before her did leave her vulnerable.

Then we have Eric´s stupid plan of pimping out his wife instead of trying anything that Quinn suggested. Personally I felt that Eric´s demands were being cruel to both Quinn and Carter because he did know that they had developed a relationship during the period where they were awaiting their divorce.

Eric IMO is certainly not more trust worthy than Quinn. Eric was canodoling with Brooke on several occasions and even talked about the two of them running away together. He probably would have done that if Brooke had only said yes.


I thought it was funny. Anybody remember Zha Zha Gabor? Her advice about rings and divorce:” Give back the ring, Dah-lings, but keep the stone.”