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Theo kyle fued

I dont understand why Jack thinks that Theo is entitled to working at Jabot. He never gave Ashley that much respect and she was raised as an Abbott. Theo wasn’t raised an Abbott or is he an Abbott. He isn’t entitled to anything at Jabot. I really hate this character. He and Lola need to move on to Miami. Writers you really need to bring the real Billy back, his new character personality is not working. Lilly should of stayed where ever she was. Her holier than thou attitude bugs me.


I thought Kyle was going to show up at the restaurant and smash a big cake in Theo’s face.Then Theo would grab the hot pot of spahetti and ruin Kyle’s tuxedo. Then as Summer stands by in shock she turns toward Lola and smashes her in the face with a freshly baked strawberry rhubarb pie. Lola then reaches under the kitchen sink and pulls out her secret weapon her rice pilaf with steamed oysters…oh wait a minute…I somehow segued from feud to food…never

That would be fun to have a food fight at Society! Show needs some humor.

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lola showed no interest in dina when she was married to kyle
now shes running over to jacks with theo lol
jack better pick a side and pick fast before he loses his son and his family crumbles


Jack claims to be all about family. But family is the first people he screws over. Theo will steal Kyles idea and Jack won’t believe Kyle. If I were Kyle I would tell him what to do with Jabot.

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