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The wheels are falling off

I’ve been watching days since 1983 maybe even before with my mom. And no offense I love to see old characters come back but I don’t want to see all the old storylines be played out your after year. It’s like the producers don’t care about how they make DOOL. Sets are outdated and ridiculous…They put people in clothes out of season and inappropriate for character… they also have the same baby crying/cooing/breathing noises no matter if its a newborn or if they are four years old. Hot mess hair day…Terrible storylines or just plain repetitive…
I know that soaps are supposed to be full of fun and fantasy but there is getting to be a wild state of ridiculousness that is going on. We need a great love story with strong couples that have great chemistry, a new set of villains that aren’t the same old people. A different plot line that would be a little bit more on the reality side because we all know that real life is full of plenty of drama and craziness. We just need to switch it up I think a little bit …I would love to see Something like Sami/EJ or Bo/Hope type of couple… some of the greatest couples were on the show and I’m sure that there are others we just need to open up and try some new and inventive things.
(I Have read some of the great plots and storylines that have been suggested on here…it would be great if the writers and producers would take heed and read these ideas.)

I agree with you and what makes for strong, interesting characters is developing them and that goes for the building stories & couples as well! They don’t do any of that anymore & the show is about as stale as week-old bread anymore from all I read! I watched for decades of the glory years when this was done & no longer tune in to watch because there’s just no comparison. I guess you get what you pay for & DAYS puts their dollars & focus on the wrong things IMO!

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Hey please reply to my ‘sick of this’ topic… if u can : )

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What’s amazing is that it hasn’t
happened yet. I skipped the wedding, the April 1st episode and so much of this useless waste of airtime. Now that people are home to tune back in, THIS is what they are finding served to them? A whole lot will just tune back out, fire up Netflix, and never look back.

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You got that right - we already have - a few years ago when the writing went south!

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Don’t know if that’s the “sick of it” thread you’re talking about, but I just responded to your last post in total agreement!

No… i made a thread titled ‘I am sooo sick of this’ …it’s another topic…

I’ll check it out! Thx!

I never have found that thread! I found one that said “I’m so sick of Ciara, etc.” & I’d responded to that one (agreeing of course LOL), but I haven’t seen the other & I went WAY back! Sorry - I’d love to comment!

Ok, i will bump it back to the top… but my premise for writing it was off… Daniel was NOT returning for good…

OK! I’ll be on the lookout!

Found it and replied :heart:

I started watching in 1985 so I agree with you 100% they need to be schooled on the way soaps used to be and start caring about it and making those story lines again.