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The wedding guests (promo)

The promo for next week is out, showing fast clips from the wedding. These things can be seen:

  • Hope is the matron of honor. :confounded:
  • Jack is standing up next to Finn.
  • Li is sitting on the first row on Finn’s side.
  • Ridge and Brooke are sitting behind Li.
  • Eric and a woman I can’t identify are sitting on the first row on Steffy’s side. The woman appears to have blonde, slightly gray hair and a fancy jacket.
  • Thomas is sitting behind Eric.
  • Liam is sitting behind Thomas.
  • Paris can be seen there but I don’t know where she’s placed. We also know Zende is there. They may sit behind Ridge & Brooke?
  • Stephanie’s portrait is up.

Steffy needs friends, why would she ask Hope.

Thanks for the details, I saw the promo but didn’t notice all of that . Great description! :grin:


The unidentified woman next to Eric seems to have her hair slightly longer than shoulder length. I don’t think Eric would bring a date to the wedding considering he’s newly separated. Got me thinking… who is important enough to sit on first row next to Eric? Can it possibly be Taylor??? Or maybe Pam?

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Thanks for the info! :heart:

It’s been stated that Steffy has friends on the show, Bell’s just too lazy to cast them in :roll_eyes:

Personally, I think Steffy’s best person should have been Thomas.


Didn’t Steffy and Hope put away their swords and declare themselves family when Liam was locked up? With the request that they do so being initiated by Hope? I seem to remember her thanking Steffy after Steffy said they were a family and it was time for the family to pull together.

Honestly, I am glad that Hope (the “sister”) is standing up with Steffy. The other option would most likely have been Paris. And, I am wore tired of Paris and whatever stunt she is attempting to pull.

Any word on who the mysterious woman is who shows up at the Forrester mansion? I am also wondering what the shock is that Finn is supposed to be getting. I hope this is interesting and fun.


Thanks! I will have to watch that promo again. I didn’t even notice Eric was there. LOL!

I agree!

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I would love to see these girls get some friends, but I know they keep the cast small.

Everyone is assuming the unexpected guest is on Finn’s side but maybe it’s Bridget or one of Steffy’s aunts.

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Damn! I was hoping Bill would be at the wedding!’. I would have loved for Bill and Steffy to have shared a dance together! You know, in a way if it weren’t for Bill! Steffy and Finn would have never met! Lol! Plus, my STILL heart would have loved to have at least one STILL scene!


Thank you, can’t say I enjoy seeing some of those characters but it is only a soap. Excited to see the wedding.

It would be nice to see Taylor. If it’s Pam I’m sure she’ll be pushing lemon bars!

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Yea I always assumed Stephie has lots of friends.

Especially from her younger days. She always seems very social.

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Yeah and she was talking about missing all her girlfriends so she definitely has friends, they’re just never shown which is a shame.

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Hunter Tylo still has that blonde hair? Anyone knows?

But Taylor being there would certainly not be that shocking bombshell that will come during the wedding reception. It’d be too sick for words to have Taylor as Finn’s birth mother.

I do wonder if Jack & Li will reveal who the birth parents of Finn are as they obviously know.


Is it Shauna sitting next to Eric???

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When it gets to the part of speak now or forever hold your piece, somebody better put a piece of tape over Paris and Liam’s mouth.

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I get maybe for Kelly the child who he forgets about but why was liam even invited. Him or Hope or Brooke I’m just naming some people who are just wasting chairs. If Brooke is there over Taylor​:woman_facepalming:t5::woman_facepalming:t5:


I was also wondering if Shauna might be sitting with Eric. Although, I don’t know why she would be at the wedding. She isn’t close to either Finn or Steffy. Maybe Eric invited her.

Maybe she’s the guest who’s so uncomfortable in the presence of Finn’s parents.

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I don’t get why Liam and Hope are there. Most people do not invite their ex and the new wife to their wedding. Ridge could bring Kelly. I get that Steffy and Liam are trying to stay on friendly terms for Kelly’s sake and that would include Hope being on friendly terms as well. But inviting them to the wedding is going too far to me. Brooke is probably there to cheerlead them on so she will feel more secure about Hope and Liam. Taylor not being there makes no sense. Who would miss their daughter’s wedding especially when she came to Hope and Liam’s?


I can understand Brooke being there, but not Liam and Hope…who goes to their Ex…how many times wedding anyways…do they sit there and compare the ceremonies.
So stupid…