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That Uncomfortable Conversation

I’m certainly not trying to be a prude here but I found so much wrong with the conversation between Ned & Brook Lynn. I don’t think that any father wants to hear about his single daughter’s sex life, or vice versa. Fathers tend to always think of their daughters as “their little girl” so sex talk should be off-limits. Ned pushed Brook Lynn into a corner though which forced her to broach the subject in the first place so if he felt awkward so be it. But why, oh why was his next thought that this was revenge sex? I am quite sure that her father was the last thing Brook Lynn was thinking about while in bed with gorgeous Valentine!!

Equally awkward was the exchange between Olivia, Ned, & Monica. Olivia extolling her problem-solving skills (she’s an expert now that Dante has returned) while at the same time totally clueless as to what is really going on. Monica’s eye-rolling stole the scene.

I was really impressed with the way BL handled not only Ned but also Chase & Nina, while the former was authoritative and the latter dismissive. It is nobody’s business who neither Valentine nor Brook Lynn sleeps with as they are both single, consensual adults.

Jax was watching Nina while Nina was watching Valentine. Nina was watching Jax while Chase was watching Willow. Valentine was hilarious when he basically agreed to hold a press conference to explain his & Brook Lynn’s sexual escapades. I enjoyed the whole thing tremendously!


Nina saying brooks was lashi g out when she slept with val
Isnotthat why nina got with jax lashing out at val
That kettle needs to stop whistling


It was weird…maybe sharing that information after a lot of conversation(s) & after becoming close again & because it was relevant to something else being shared…but she pretty much blurted it out unnecessarily. Really awkward IMHO.

My sons have always been really open with me but not unnecessarily…I don’t need to know everything.

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Your last paragraph reminded me of an Andy Williams song (I am dating myself)…”the boys watch the girls as the girls watch the boys watch the girls go by :notes:

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All I can say…lately…:relieved::upside_down_face:I am enjoying more elements of GH than I have done in a very long while…but my Dopiest…Sopiest heart is still broken over non-storyline-progression for JaSam…:cupid::broken_heart:

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Agreed…a JaSam adventure is all the show is missing!

And that’s the biggest missing peace…:pleading_face::pleading_face:

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That was my favorite part of the show too! It was awesome. They are both single adults and had nothing to hide. It was refreshing to see them own it!

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