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Sympathetic Cyrus

Regardless of Cyrus’ motives regarding Sasha I must say he was really charming with her. Everyone has always had the assumption that every act that Cyrus performs is malevolent because he was introduced onto the show as a rival mob boss to be Sonny’s antagonist. I’m not saying that he is a white knight in shining armor but that everyone is capable of human empathy and caring. Of course I would say that Nelle Benson was the exception to that theory but I digress. Cyrus showed great patience and compassion with the Alzheimer’s patient at TurningWoods. He was gentle with Sasha and picked up on something everyone else has missed, that Sasha is in great pain and feels completely alone and lost. Perhaps Cyrus has a daughter somewhere that Sasha reminds him of. Or could it be that he is trying to find the source for the drugs that Sasha is using? Remember, he seemed genuinely surprised about Neil’s OD.

Cyrus was also kind to Epiphany but was met with nothing but a nasty scowl. He seemed thrilled to be included in the karaoke night out.

Maybe, just maybe, if people in PC would take the time to try to get to know Cyrus instead of the constant verbal attacks they might find he has another side than the drug kingpin. Also, what if he isn’t what he has been portrayed as being? Has anyone really researched his alleged west coast organization? Could it be that Jordan and her task force members did wrongly frame him? He is probably everything we think he is, a mobster, a drug runner, etc. but he could also be a father, a brother, or a son who has feelings and concerns just as everyone else does. Sonny & have both shown that it is possible for someone to be in the “business” and still care for others. The constant animosity towards Cyrus will backfire. Franco seemed to have realized this, perhaps because he has been in Cyrus’ shoes. It also would be possible to have two different mob bosses in PC and two of those mob bosses with a heart.


Cyrus got rid of the very best GH staff to help hide his drug operation.

He saw that Sasha was vulnerable and ripe for the picking to be his latest customer.

He had TJ kidnapped to blackmail the police commissioner.

He’s very capable of putting on a fake persona to get what he wants - but I don’t think it goes much deeper than that.


No not at all sorry he is out for his own good not at all he will wind up hurting Sasha badly

I have to respectfully disagree with you about Cyrus, Diva. Of course Cyrus was charming with Sasha, even some serial killers are charming with their victims—at first! But, you DID notice that, as soon as Sasha got to the elevator, a “courier” handed her an envelope with a packet of cocaine, didn’t you? I think Cyrus is just putting on a “front” trying to draw more people into his web! :thinking: Again, respectfully, just MY opinion. :smiley:


Actually, Valentin picked up on it, as well as, Curtis and Nina.

Valentin specifically told Chase he called him because Sasha needed a friend. Valentin recognizes that he and Sasha have a business relationship. Sasha would not necessarily seek solace from Deception’s biggest investor (or sole investor).

Curtis’ remark to Nina was that he did not think Sasha’s high was the first time.

Nina took Sasha back to her condo, intending for her to get at least one night’s rest.

Cyrus is a chameleon: Affable with Franco, when invited to the Floating Rib for karaoke. Ruthless when he ordered a hit on Mike and Sonny; Carly and Michael; and the abduction and abuse against T.J. It was Cyrus’ men who did that. I doubt for one second it was simply to impress him, I wholeheartedly believe that Cyrus ordered it. Regardless of his refutations.

I am enjoying Cyrus. He is provocative. But, his choice to be engaging is a tool, a manipulation, a means to an end.


I share your opinion. :grinning:


I knew when I started this post that most would disagree with me and that is okay. But what I don’t understand is why everyone is so convinced that Cyrus is such a completely bad person. When Sonny was first introduced onto GH everyone had the same reaction to him. He was viewed as a sleazebag who introduced stripping & drugs to Karen (can’t remember last name), Scott’s daughter. Over the years and once people began to see a softer side to him and learned more of his background of child abuse, coupled with his intense loyalty to family, many viewers warmed to him and now he is an integral part of the show. Could Cyrus not also be the same?

For the record I personally do not think that Cyrus is anything different than he has been presented. I am well aware that people can present a facade of decency and kindness and yet be even satanic in nature. I am not so naive as to believe everything that a character says and I question the motives of many GH characters. But why is everyone so averse to even considering an alternative view of Cyrus? I have read many of your posts regarding your suspicion of Dustin & Brando specifically even though they have shown no inclination to be anything other than what they have been presented to be. The writers are known to throw out red herrings, to make us believe something is one way when it is really quite another.

Am I missing something here merely by entertaining a musing that Cyrus might have a better side or might not be all that we think he is? Everything and everyone is not black and white. Valentine came onto the show being described as pure evil but we have seen he is capable of love and compassion. Valentine has many fans though who root for him and revel in his good side, myself included. I suppose what I am asking is why is Cyrus different from other alleged villains who were reformed or who had legitimate reasons for doing bad things? Is it the actor who you do not like? Is it his manner of speaking? Or is it because we were told he is a drug kingpin from the west coast who was in prison and was let out to terrorize PC? I have seen many of you question many characters and plot points so why is this one different? Can someone explain that to me?

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I am a fan of Cyrus. I like him more and more. But I like all culprits on the show, which means everybody. The only culprit I hated was Shiloh, it’s because I hate all cults.


Totally agree! Shiloh was despicable from the first time he set foot in PC.


Thank you so much for posting this. I agree with you. All human beings have a need to be accepted and made to feel welcomed in daily interactions. Even though this is a tv show, I believe that all of these characters have flaws and faults. None of them are entirely good or bad. I could see a softer side of Cyrus, Franco, Nelle, or just about any character.


And he had poor Brandon beaten to an inch of his life. He’s a bad man…

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I also remember Cyrus called somebody to investigate how Dr. Burns got overdosed. It looked that it happened without Cyrus’s knowledge.

I agree that it happened without Cyrus’s knowledge… but do you remember what he said? He said that it was THEIR drugs he ODed on. He is a drug dealer and as long as he remains a drug dealer, he will always be the bad guy. You mentioned when Sonny first came on the show. You are correct that he was supposed to be a short term bad guy who got Karen (her last name was Wexler and she was Scott’s daughter… and she used to be married to Jagger who was also a police officer but they killed her off many many years ago) hooked on drugs and stripping. MB was so good that everyone really liked him anyway and they started reforming him. The FIRST thing they did was make him stop selling drugs. It became abhorrent to him and that is why he is after Cyrus now. Port Charles is Sonny’s territory and he has worked all these many years to keep drug dealers out as penance for how he got his start. If they want to reform Cyrus… the first thing they have to do is what they did with Sonny… make him stop selling drugs… until then… he is a bad guy and will be unreformed until they do.


I agree he is a bad guy for now, but he has many layers to him. Also it is interesting how some illegal drugs become legal now like marijuana. Marijuana has a lot of medicinal properties and a good painkiller. It also has antiinflammatory properties. It has 2 major components, the cannabidiol has no psychotropic effects and many cancer patients use it. The other major component, THC, has a strong psyc effect, still has some potent antiinflammatory properties. The problem with cannabis medicine is that it was banned for so long that the medicinal research is just starting. But as anything in nature any drug has a lot of side effects. One side effect of marijuana is that it can cause schizophrenia in young adults. It does act on the receptors in the brain. But should similar substances be banned? I don’t know. I am a biochemist. BTW, I never ever tried any of these drugs.

I really enjoy when you explain scientific stuffs…You make it all simply to understand…

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Thanks. I was teaching biochemistry at universities, so I like teaching even after my retirement. I am now interested in cancer biochemistry and immunity, i am very active explaining stuff on cancer boards.

Cool Stuff…:full_moon_with_face:

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