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Stop Twisting the Knife

As a longtime fan of Chase/Willow and Michael/Sasha as a couple and as friends -and wanting so badly to see them all back together -this excruciating knife twisting by the writers is becoming unbearable. Put them together or don’t - once and for all. This constant dangling the carrot in front of a hopeful, impatient audience is just like what TIIC did with the Wiley reveal. And they managed to drag THAT on for TWO YEARS. I refuse to wait that long to see this come to an end.

There was absolutely ZERO reason for any of these break ups to happen. The judge didn’t give a rat’s patootie that Nelle was married to Julian. It wasn’t even an issue. If Michael had married Sasha like he WANTED to - all of these relationships would still be in tact and the friendship only going stronger.

And now it’s crystal clear where the SL is going. The ship has long since sailed for “the truth” to come out - or for Michael and Willow to really care. They will fall in love while waiting for this annulment - and two awesome couples plus friendship will be forever RUINED.


I couldn’t have said it better!! It’s time to just rip the bandaid off and let the sore heal. I agree it’s too late for the original couples to reunite but let this be over.


OMG writers! We GET IT! Chase will keep this secret now until the end of time. His relationship with Willow is now ruined until the end of time. She and Michael will be secretly in love with each other until the end of time.

Can you please now get this sledgehammer away from my head? And the knife out of my back? STOP RUBBING IT IN - and leave fans of these former couples IN PEACE??? And maybe let us move on?

All of this teasing - and gleefully dragging the story through the mud makes me want to turn in my fan card after 35 years.


They think this is good storytelling. I never really paid attn to Chillow or Misha but those pairings were well-received and well-liked. There was no reason to break them up since fans liked them as they were. I guess the original plan was Millow so they decided to make it happen regardless.

And no offense to Millow fans - but those two aren’t exactly heating up the screen. I could understand breaking up the original pairings for a ridiculously hot, steamy pairing but Millow is lukewarm - IMO - at best.


…Beauty is on the Eye of Beholder…。◕‿◕。(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)。◕‿◕。(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) and Beauty doesn’t rinse off…To me…(◕ᴗ◕✿)(✷‿✷)(◕ᴗ◕✿)(✷‿✷)

…Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart (Kahill Gibran)…

…According to Confucius “Everything has beauty but not Everyone sees it”…

Totally agree! It’s the same painful conversation with Chase and Sasha but just on a different set! Millow is SO boring; siblings to me they are way too much alike.

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Huh? I mean seriously.


I saw the beauty in Willow and Chase’s relationship

AND the beauty in Michael and Sasha’s.

And I saw the beauty in an AMAZING bond and friendship that the four created.

But I see absolutely no beauty in the destruction and sabotage of it all - and I never will

And that’s your prerogative…

We all have our specific sufferings regarding how the Show is being handled by the Writers…

I can’t speak about the four that much…since I really care mostly about Michael and Chase…

But I acknowledge there once being a somewhat good friendship between the four…

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