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Steffy’s Hair on Thursday’s Show

Not a bash, just an observation. Steffy wearing her hair straight like that looks a lot like Kim Kardashian. The only reason I know this (because I’m not a fan of reality tv) is that Kim hosted SNL 2 weeks ago. Check it out on YouTube.

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I fast forward Steffy scenes don’t like looking at her.


This was Steffy’s natural hair - no extensions and no wigs. The extensions make her hair look so much thicker and longer. The way she wore her hair on Thursday’s show is the latest style, super straight. I like seeing Steffy without all the extensions.


Finally we get to see JMW natural beautiful hair and face. She was breathtaking today.


I am on the fence about the jet black hair. I do love the shorter length for sure.


It was nice to see Steffy without the extensions and now today the fake hair is back.

Today’s show here (Wed.), ugh hated that hairdo on Steffy. All those heavy extensions just drive me crazy.

I did however like Liam and his buzz cut.

ITA She looks much better with her natural hair and I was hoping she’d stay with that look. I didn’t like today’s style at all.

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Ugh, Steffy’s hair today–I mean that fake hair–awful, as well as the tacky outfit. And Liam–wow, what has he been eating–spinach and lean meat? What a transformation! He is really buff, and I don’t mind the new haircut. He’s looking good and I never found him particularly hot. Now Thomas’ hair is just gross–so glad to see he cut it all off. Looks so much better. I guess we’ll see that in a month or two on the show.
Steffy was wearing cut off denim shorts with some kind of ugly jacket. The huge fake pony tail just looked really off.

She doesn’t look anything like KK. I don’t watch reality TV either but she’s all over the plac, so I certainly know what she looks like.

Seems it is the new Hollywood look. Hailey Bieber also has that style now too.