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Steffy and Liam Hope and Finn

ICAM! Everyone always is saying that Steffy and Liam need to stop acting like their spouses parents, maybe they will when their spouses stop acting like absolute children.


I could be giving Finn more credit then he deserves lol.

Exactly. There are two sides to the acting like a parent/child coin. I really wish Steffy would give Finn a break … as in allow him to live elsewhere while he develops his relationship with “changed” Sheila.

And, if Finn wanted Hope… he would be welcome to her. I just really don’t like this business of Finn’s appearing at Steffy’s workplace… to see Hope and whine about his mean old wife not allowing him to see Mommy Sociopath. I find that all kinds of unappealing; and sometimes wonder what these writers are thinking. And, it’s even more unappealing when one considers that not once has Finn discussed his REAL feelings with his wife.


The waffle definitely likes to pass the blame.


:laughing: … I knew that I still had underlying issues with Finn when, in one of the episodes, Liam asked Steffy if Finn was doing any better at understanding why the Sheila situation stands as it does.

I actually agreed with Liam’s implied take on things. I never agree with Liam on much of anything at all. When Liam has a point about some man, IMO, the other man has serious issues. LOL!

Although I do give Liam props for telling Steffy he doesn’t want to be that guy, the guy who tries to control his wife, that said I think Liam has been a selfish jerk. He should have invited Deacon to stay the night with them the first night Deacon was released from prison. Deacon shot at Quinn, big deal, his father has done worse. There’s no excuse for Liam turning Hope’s father out on the street. If Brooke said he is not allowed to stay the night on her property all Hope would have had to say is fine I’m leaving too and Brooke would have changed her mind.

Sheila is a whole different story she should not be allowed anywhere near Steffy’s home or Hayes. But Steffy should not be continually dictating to Finn who he should be allowed to talk to. He’s a grown man. There’s no excuse for treating your husband like he’s a child even if you think he’s acting like one. I don’t know how long Steffy thinks Finn’s going to put up with a mother child relationship when Finn already has a mother and a bio mother he doesn’t need a step mom Steffy.

I’m still a Sinn fan and I think Lope and Sinn are going to get through this just fine in the end but Bell seems intent on making it look like Hinn are a better match imo.

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it’s even more unappealing when one considers that not once has Finn discussed his REAL feelings with his wife.

@txwildcat : I agree with this 100%. Finn needs to tell Steffy exactly how he feels rather than placating her and then going behind her back to discuss his true feelings with Paris first and now with Hope. They need to deal with Sheila together. His hiding his true feelings is not dealing with the situation together.

I think Steffy can be persuaded for Finn to see Sheila alone, but absolutely not Hayes. If Finn can’t figure out when Sheila is manipulating him, then he deserves what he gets, he is supposed to be a grown man. Hayes definitely needs to be protected from Sheila. So if I were Steffy I would tell Finn you can see Sheila if you want to, but not with my child.

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